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ISO 27001 Webinars

ISO/IEC 27001 certification demonstrates to existing and potential customers that an organization has defined and put in place best-practice information security processes. ISO 27001 is the only auditable international standard that defines the requirements of an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a set of policies, procedures, processes, and systems that manage information risks, such as cyber attacks, hacks, data leaks, or theft.

By implementing an ISMS certified to ISO 27001, your organization can benefit greatly: avoiding the losses and financial penalties associated with data breaches, winning new business, and strengthening relationships with existing clientele.

ISO 27001 webinars on demand

ISO 27001 vs SOC 2: What’s the difference?

Presenter: Alan Calder, Founder and Executive Chairman

Aimed at senior management, board members, and heads of department, as well as cybersecurity and data protection professionals deciding between ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 certification, this live webinar provides a high-level overview of the differences between the two frameworks and the key compliance aspects organizations need to consider.

Join IT Governance’s founder and Executive chairman Alan Calder to discover:

  • The similarities and differences between ISO 27001 and SOC 2
  • The certification process for both frameworks
  • Which framework is right for your organization

Five information security challenges your tech company faces and how ISO 27001 can solve them

Presenter: Preston Bukaty, IT Governance USA consultant

Information security is crucial for technology companies to stay afloat. Existing and potential customers, clients, and stakeholders want assurance that your business can adequately protect the personal data it holds. Furthermore, data breaches can be very costly and may lead to customer distrust and loss of business.

Learn how ISO 27001 can help address these challenges in our informative webinar, which covers:

  • Information security objectives your company should have
  • Five information security challenges your company faces
  • How implementing ISO 27001 can address objectives and challenges
  • The overall benefits of ISO 27001 certification

How to integrate privacy into your ISO 27001 ISMS

Presenter: Alice Turley, GDPR Consultant, IT Governance Europe

ISO 27701 is the privacy information standard that specifies the requirements for a PIMS (privacy information management system), and can be bolted onto an organization’s existing ISO 27001-compliant ISMS (information security management system) to ensure effective privacy management.  

While ISO 27001 addresses information security, ISO 27701 provides organizations with guidance on implementing privacy control measures to prevent unauthorized use or disclosure of personal data, supporting your organization’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.  

In this webinar, GDPR consultant Alice Turley gives an overview of ISO 27701 and explains how the Standard can help organizations comply with multiple privacy regimes, discussing:  

  • ISO 27701 implementation and what it means for your business  
  • The benefits of an ISO 27701-compliant PIMS 
  • The structure and controls of ISO 27701  

Keeping Free From COVID-19: How ISO 27001 Protects Remote Workers

COVID-19 has completely transformed the way organizations operate. One of the biggest changes has been the large-scale move to remote working. This has led to increased cyber threats and information security requirements. With remote working now a permanent arrangement for many, we discuss how ISO 27001, the global standard for implementing an ISMS (information security management system), can be used to protect your company.

Led by IT Governance USA consultant Preston Bukaty, the webinar covers:

  • An overview of ISO 27001
  • How ISO 27001 can be used to mitigate risk when working remotely
  • Implementing ISO 27001 for the pandemic and beyond
  • The benefits of ISO 27001 in the new threat landscape

Cybersecurity and the law: How cybersecurity and IT compliance apply to legal practice

Everyone is now a threat of evolving threat actors: Account credentials are easy to steal, but it requires further work to monetize those data elements before controls take effect. What’s more appealing are; trade secrets, valuable information, criminal history and court documents

The webinar will discuss the number of breaches by sectors and the five most common attacks. It will discuss why law firms are a target of attack. Key reasons include the confidential data they hold on behalf of clients. It will discuss the model rules of professional conduct.

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How to overcome your data security compliance challenges

Increasingly stringent data security laws and regulations both in the US and internationally, combined with a rapidly evolving cyber threat landscape, call for stronger, smarter, and more robust data security solutions.

Security teams are constantly challenged to protect their company information and comply with a growing list of state and federal laws and regulations that require information security measures to avoid data breaches.

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How to implement an information security management system

Implementing an ISMS based on the best-practice guidance set out by ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 delivers numerous benefits, including reducing your risk of a data breach.

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Conducting a cybersecurity risk assessment

ISO 27001 is the international standard that sets out the specification of an ISMS, a best-practice approach to addressing information security that encompasses people, processes, and technology.

The assessment and management of information security risks is at the core of ISO 27001, which ensures that the ISMS continually adapts to changes in the organization and the risk environment

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Assessing compliance: the ISO 27001 ISMS internal audit

Testing and assessing your information security measures is essential to ascertain whether the controls you have implemented are working effectively.

Compliance with the international information security standard ISO 27001 requires continual monitoring and regular reviews of the ISMS. An internal audit is an effective measure to assess whether your ISMS is functioning as it should, and one of the requirements for ISO 27001 certification.

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How can an ISO 27001 compliant ISMS help publicly listed firms achieve SEC regulatory compliance?

This webinar will cover how ISO 27001 can help publicly listed organizations ensure regulatory compliance with SEC regulations. It offers practical advice on how these organizations can improve overall information security to stay in line with new regulations. It will explain how a robust staff awareness program supports cyber resilience and legal compliance.

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