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Consultancy Services

With over 10 years of practical experience, IT Governance can provide consultancy services covering any framework or standard to any organization, anywhere in the world.

North American companies engage with IT Governance because of our proven expertise in helping our clients achieve compliance with International Standards and legal/regulatory frameworks. We specialize in the whole spectrum of IT governance, including cybersecurity, data protection, information security management systems, and PCI DSS, fielding experts who can show you how to carry out an appropriate risk assessment, achieve your business targets, analyze previous performance and identify and fix recurring weak spots based on our experience of projects of all sizes in a variety of different industry situations.

How we help you to protect your organization, comply with international standards/regulatory requirements and thrive.

Our expert management system consultants can help you to improve your sales performance and profitability. Whether your company has an established global presence or is in the process of building one through organic or inorganic expansion, we know how to respond to the degrees of complexity and risk that come with working in different languages and in cultures with varying local requirements and changing legislation.

Our capabilities include expert advice, coaching/mentoring, and support for projects involving:

We can show you how to get started on your project and keep it on track to achieve clearer value for money from better information security management. Our consultants bring you peace of mind, because by working with IT Governance you know that business risks have all been properly identified and remediated in a way that reflects the appropriate response to risk in your situation.

The project support provided by our consultants transfers the knowledge that you need at each and every stage in adoption. What's more, you can hire us for either the whole job or any part of the process. For example, we can help you to:

  • Carry out a Health Check lead by our experts
  • Define strategy for achieving certification to suit your requirements
  • Perform a detailed risk assessment
  • Develop documentation (high level and/or low level, as required)
  • Roll out a management system and associated controls
  • Determine training and awareness needs
  • Prepare for Internal, Stage 1, and Stage 2 (certification) audits
  • Achieve regulatory compliance/accredited certification, and/or
  • Maintain your management system(s) (surveillance cycle)

We help you take account of all your risks and business goals, focusing on critical areas of your information security management system as it develops.

Why Choose IT Governance as your Consultants?

At IT Governance we understand that information, information security and information technology is always a business issue, not just an IT one. Our consultancy services assist organizations in properly managing their information technology strategies and achieving strategic goals. The benefits of choosing an IT Governance Consultancy Service are that:

  • We speak business, not technology. We are technology literate business consultants
  • We are vendor neutral, technology independent and framework agnostic, tailoring our consultancy to your organization
  • Our transparent pricing enables you to control your costs
  • Our consultants have over 10 years' consultancy experience
  • We have a proven track record, working with organizations worldwide
  • We help you increase internal buy in to your project by leveraging your resources, and
  • We focus on transferring knowledge and skill to the people within your organization

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