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IT Governance Free Downloadable Case Studies

Our case studies tell the story of how our expert consultants have helped companies to achieve industry best practice, compliance, and certification. We have helped hundreds of organizations worldwide to comply with the requirements of standards’ frameworks - gaining business benefits through this process.

Browse through our consultancy projects and you'll find the work of thorough, knowledgeable, and collaborative professionals determined to solve your business challenges and create value.

ISO 27001 consultancy case studies

Our consultants have helped many organizations implement an information security management system (ISMS) and achieve certification against the information security standard ISO 27001. Download a case study to see how our consultants address and overcome the requirements of each organization and help them to achieve compliance.

This case study outlines and demonstrates our process forof conducting an ISO 27001 gap analysis. 

  • ISO 27001 Gap Analysis case study

    This case study outlines and demonstrates our process forof conducting an ISO 27001 gap analysis.

  • IMS Hospital Group
    This case study outlines the process of achieving ISO 27001 certification for one pharmaceutical data provider and the benefits of utilising IT Governance’s training and consultancy services. 

  • Pervasive Health​

    Pervasive Health were handling sensitive health data on a dialy basis. They chose IT Governance to help them gain ISO 27001 accredited certification for the organization’s US and European operations—making their platform the first in the field to achieve this.

  • VoiceVault

    This case study outlines how a voice biometrics industry leader achieved ISO 27001 certification with IT Governance’s support to complete a new risk assessment, provide staff awareness training, and develop ISMS documentation.

Data protection consultancy case studies


Our experienced data protection consultants can assess the exact standing of your current legal situation, security practices, and operating procedures in relation to GDPR compliance.

By examining procedures such as direct marketing practices, fair processing notices, and retention and deletion procedures, our consultants can identify any gaps and create and implement a remedial plan. This will not only enable you to bring your business into full compliance with the GDPR but will also ensure future compliance.

  • Canfield Scientific

    Download this case study to find out how we helped Canfield Scientific become GDPR-compliant using our unique GDPR RADAR™ methodology, developed by our sister company DQM GRC™.

  • GDPR Gap Analysis case study

    This case study outlines and demonstrates our process for conducting a GDPR gap analysis.

PCI DSS consultancy case studies

Our status as an approved Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company underpins our range of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) consultancy services, which include project scoping, gap analysis, remediation support, and audit.

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