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IT Governance Staff Awareness E-Learning Courses

Improve your security with staff awareness e-learning courses

A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy addresses technology, processes and people. Although people are part of the equation, they are often left out because employees can be unpredictable in their behaviour and difficult to manage. Despite this, involving staff in the cybersecurity strategy is not impossible – they can actually make all the difference.

Our e-learning courses are hosted on our sister company, GRC eLearning Limited’s, Learning Management System (LMS). GRC eLearning Ltd are experts in customization and bespoke e-learning solutions. They offer one-to-one consultations to discuss your customization requirements in more detail and they also provide free trials enabling you to take a closer look at the courses.

How to engage your staff

The best solution for all companies wishing to engage their staff with their cybersecurity strategy is a staff awareness program. Using training, tools, and thought-provoking activities, organizations can raise staff awareness of the daily cyber risks they face, and suggest actions and procedures to adopt to minimise such risks.

A staff awareness program should be an ongoing process that begins with staff induction, and continues with periodic updates throughout the year and/or whenever any staff-related security incidents occur.

When carried out effectively, a staff awareness program can:

  • Help companies identify potential security problems
  • Help staff understand the consequences of poor information security and cyber security
  • Ensure procedures are followed consistently
  • Ensure staff are fully aware of corporate compliance requirements for security regulations and frameworks such as the CCPA, EU GDPR, the PCI DSS, ISO 27001, HIPAA and the GLBA.

Our courses are available in a wide range of topics including:

The benefits of e-learning courses


E-learning allows you to deliver cost-effective training to a large number of people. No accommodation or travel is required - all you need to attend is an internet connection and your computer.

Simplified learning

Complex concepts are simplified, making it easier for staff to understand. Staff can learn at their own pace, working around existing workloads, rereading areas they didn’t understand the first time around, or skipping parts they already know.

Encouragement of best practice 

Our cost-effective e-learning courses encourage best practice and help staff develop good habits in order to help you achieve and maintain your accreditations and regulatory compliance.

Easy supervision

Easily monitor your staff’s progress by logging into your dashboard.

Simple assessment and certification

Multiple-choice test to assess the understanding of the topic and awards a printable certificate when the test is passed. Staff can retake the test until they pass.


Multiple hosting options

By default, the course will be hosted on our LMS which can be customized with your branding and has a dedicated Wiki area for you to add relevant documentation. However, all of our courseware is SCORM1.2 compliant and can therefore be hosted on your own LMS.

Customization to suit your organization’s needs

Our courses are available off-the-shelf, customized (up to 50% content change according to your needs) or we can develop a bespoke staff awareness course for you.

Expert content

The course content is developed by experts and our courses are focused on cybersecurity and compliance with Regulations or standards. You can trust the course content to be accurate and to educate staff effectively on each topic.

"My company purchased the online information security module to assist in achieving ISO 27001 certification. The support received from IT Governance made the process of all staff completing the module smooth and speedy. The external auditors were impressed with the content of the module. I would definitely use them again!"

- Clare McArdle, Project Manager, Achilles Information Limited

Discover our range of staff awareness e-learning courses

Reinforce the importance of cyber ecurity and data protection with our bestselling staff awareness e-learning courses.

GDPR Staff Awareness E-learning Course

This interactive eLearning course for employees introduces the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the key compliance obligations for organizations. It also aims to provide a complete foundation on the principles, roles, responsibilities, and processes under the Regulation.

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Information security & ISO 27001 staff awareness e-learning course

This interactive eLearning course enables employees to gain a better understanding of information security risks and compliance requirements in line with ISO 27001:2013, reducing the organization’s exposure to security threats.

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Information security staff awareness e-learning course

This interactive eLearning course is designed to assist employees in gaining a better understanding of information security risks and compliance requirements, thereby reducing your organization’s exposure to security threats. It teaches them about information security best practices to minimize preventable mistakes.

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PCI DSS staff awareness e-learning course

Many organizations in the United States fail to comply to the PCI DSS without realizing it. Training your staff on the PCI DSS reduces violations of the requirements.

This interactive e-learning course is designed to increase employees’ awareness of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements, and to provide clear and simple explanations of its key requirements.

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Phishing staff awareness e-learning course

Take action against the increasing threat of targeted phishing attacks by educating your employees to be alert, vigilant, and secure. This eLearning course helps employees identify and understand phishing scams, explains what would happen should they fall victim, and shows them how they can mitigate the threat of an attack.

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Browse our range of staff awareness tools  

Our suite of effective tools will support your staff's e-learning and reinforce the importance of information security in your organization.

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