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Data Protection and Data Privacy

Staff awareness courses and free resources

4 reasons to roll out regular staff awareness training
on data protection and data privacy

Demonstrate compliance

Mitigate risk

Protect privacy

Remind and refresh

Lean into our expertise

Get the right resources for different business functions. Find out more about the courses and resources for your role.

All employees

Give everyone a good start in understanding how to stay safe and avoid mistakes with email that could cause a breach.


Help marketers understand data processing, how to audit a privacy policy, and facts about lawful use, consent, and much more.


Data protection is critical in key processes such as recruitment, payroll, exits, and sick leave.


Risk management and operational resilience are the language of IT and information security. Understand the basic rules about data residency, data sovereignty, and data transfers.


Personal data, contracts, tenders, and payment data all need careful handling depending on where those involved reside. Knowing the rules can build trust and reduce risk.

Compliance and risk

Those involved in compliance and risk need a solid understanding of UK and EU laws affecting their organization.

Enjoy exceptional value with all-in-one staff awareness suites

Data Protection Staff Awareness Suite

This great-value suite includes five courses for less than the cost of three.


Complete Staff Awareness E-learning Suite

This value-for-money suite includes more than 24 courses for less than the cost of 5.

Hosted SCORM


Refresh your knowledge with micro-learning

Recap and refresh in just a few minutes with these short videos.

Get a short introduction to the GDPR

What is it?

How to write a data privacy notice

What’s involved in complying with Article 30 of the GDPR, and why?

More resources:

GDPR Privacy Notice Template

What’s the difference between personal data and sensitive data under the GDPR?

Find out in less than two minutes.

Friendly advice

Need help choosing the right products or resources for you?
Speak to a staff awareness or data protection expert.

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