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PCI DSS Security Testing Solutions

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requires system components, processes and custom software to be tested frequently to ensure security is maintained. The testing of security controls is especially important for any environmental changes, such as deploying new software or changing system configurations.


Penetration testing and vulnerability scans

The differences between penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, as required by the PCI DSS, still cause confusion within the industry. The differences can be summarised as follows:



Why IT Governance for PCI DSS security testing?

IT Governance is a CREST-accredited provider of security testing services. Our range of testing services enable organisations of all sizes to effectively manage cyber security risk by identifying vulnerabilities that could expose infrastructure, applications, wireless networks and people to attack.

Choose IT Governance for penetration testing:

  • CREST-certified penetration testing.
  • Experienced across a diverse set of disciplines (web applications, servers, firewalls and Wi-Fi).
  • Testimonials from different industries and customers.
  • Sample reports available.

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