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IT Health Check—CHECK-Compatible IT Security Consultancy

All IT and information systems need to be secured against unauthorized access, whether deliberate or accidental.

An IT Health Check (which is a CHECK-compatible IT security consultancy service) is the standard way for an organization to assess the security status of their IT infrastructure.

IT Governance provides focused, cost-effective penetration and security testing services.

Technical compliance checking is also a standard ISO27001 Annexe A control. This recognizes that effective information security management requires an appropriate level of assurance that technical vulnerabilities have been identified and controlled and that technical controls are working in line with management's requirements.

IT Governance provides focused, cost-effective penetration and security testing services.

An IT Health Check comes in many formats and organizations typically commission one or more of the following:

  • Application testing
  • Web Application Testing
  • Internal Network Testing/Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration testing
  • Wireless Network Testing
  • Telecom Security Testing
  • VOIP Security Testing
  • Security Audit
  • Database Security Testing

IT Health Checks can be carried out—and fully documented—in time periods as short as one day's work. Of course, how long a check will actually take does depend very much on the scope of the required test, including the number of devices, IP addresses, and range and type of applications.

The best way to identify how an IT Health Check can support you, and to find out an appropriate cost, is to contact us directly—either by email or by telephone, on 1 877 317 3454.