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Security Awareness Programme

Staff awareness alone is not enough to reduce information security risks. Research has shown that inappropriate security behaviours persist, despite staff having attended security awareness training.

  • Do your employees view your security awareness training as a compliance tick-box exercise?
  • Do they feel disengaged?
  • Do they persist with bad security habits?

The benefits of a successful security awareness programme

  • Employee mindset and behaviour change because teams are personally invested in the security programme
  • Informed teams and improved organizational resilience, thereby reducing security risks and staff-related data breaches
  • A shift in organizational culture to better support business objectives
  • Reduced human error and process inefficiencies
  • Increased morale and commitment towards the information security management system (ISMS)
  • Improved audit results as management system requirements are being met
  • Corrective actions based on the identification of nonconformities
  • A return on investment on your security awareness programme with visible campaign tracking

Put an end to staff-related cyber threats with a Security Awareness Programme

An effective programme should:

Increase engagement, improve staff knowledge and achieve lasting security awareness.

Incorporate a variety of tools, delivered through various channels and media.

Align organizational culture and unique requirements.

Our Security Awareness Programme delivers transformative results

The programme is delivered through multiple channels and can include:

  • An organization-wide assessment of your learning needs, awareness challenges, and knowledge gaps
  • A multi-component campaign, tailored to your organization’s needs and culture
  • Tools and resources to keep your audience engaged
  • Fun and interactive content
  • Evaluation measures to provide you with a reliable audit trail of the programme's success

A customized programme can include a variety of campaign elements, such as:

Digital campaign launch

Communicate the objectives of your campaign, generating emotional engagement at the start of your awareness programme.

E-learning courses

Reinforce the importance of compliance and security, and develop good habits with cost-effective e-learning courses.

Awareness nudge

Ensure your management system remains at the forefront of employees’ minds with a proven reinforcement technique.

Campaign posters

Remind everyone of the importance of cyber resilience in everyday workspaces with high-impact posters.

Email signatures

Increase the visibility of your awareness campaign and show customers and other external parties that your organization is committed to its objective.

Staff newsletters

Deliver key messages and entertaining cybersecurity news to your staff with branded newsletters, delivered quarterly or monthly.

Pocket guides

Provide a no-nonsense introduction to cybersecurity, IT governance, risk, compliance, and management system standards.

Pledge to action

Customize your organizational pledge and encourage knowledge transfer to ensure individuals adopt best practice behaviour.

Simulated phishing attack

Establish whether your employees are vulnerable to phishing emails, enabling you to take immediate remedial action to improve your cyber security posture.

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Interested in other subject areas?

This programme is ideal for larger organizations looking to raise awareness of issues such as data privacy, information security and cybersecurity, and supports the implementation of management systems such as:

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Get staff on board with your security awareness project with an effective staff awareness programme. Reduce the risk of human error and encourage staff to adopt best practice measures. Book your demo or request a call with one of our security awareness experts for more information.

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