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SKU: 5370
Publishers: Vigilant Software
Format: CyberComply Single User (Annual)
Published: 19 Jun 2020
Availability: Available
Format: CyberComply Multi-User (Annual)
Published: 19 Jun 2020
Availability: Available
Format: CyberComply Single User (Monthly)
Published: 19 Jun 2020
Availability: Available
Format: CyberComply Multi-User (Monthly)
Published: 19 Jun 2020
Availability: Available

CyberComply makes compliance with cybersecurity requirements and data privacy laws simple and affordable.

  • Meet your compliance objectives quickly and affordably
  • Map data flows, conduct risk assessments and DPIAs (data protection impact assessments), track your compliance gaps, and record actions taken – all in one powerful tool
  • Comprises five fully integrated modules to improve efficiency and simplify compliance
  • Easily demonstrate GDPR compliance with advanced reports, dashboard views, and task allocation
  • Quickly act on data security risks by applying controls from built-in libraries
  • Deliver certainty about privacy compliance across your organization
  • Cloud-based solution
  • Single sign-on authentication tool
  • Available from as little as $205.95 per month.
  • This is a subscription product that you can cancel at any time (T&Cs apply) 
Price: $205.95

Reduce dependence on individuals: put your trust in CyberComply

  • CyberComply does all the heavy lifting – wizards, databases and prompts guide you all the way – get started without any expert knowledge
  • Meet your compliance objectives fast with five fully integrated modules that help you address compliance requirements
  • Centralise your compliance activities to improve control and compliance with regulations and frameworks
  • Draw powerful reports to demonstrate measures taken and controls implemented

The number one software for GDPR compliance

  • Map data flows in minutes while flagging key data processing risks
  • Conduct a DPIA like an expert, saving time, money and resources
  • Handle DSARs (data subject access requests) efficiently
  • Record how third parties are adhering to your data protection standards by logging their agreements
  • Identify GDPR compliance gaps and prioritise resources

Reduce data security risks with agility and efficiency

  • Quickly identify and treat data security risks before they become critical concerns with the intuitive, easy-to-use risk manager tool
  • Keep track of data security compliance requirements and the security controls you have in place in conjunction with critical UK laws and information security frameworks
  • Demonstrate compliance with ISO 27001, the leading information security management standard, with powerful built-in reports
  • The software includes control sets from ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 22301, ISO 27032, NIST, CSA CCM, the PCI DSS, SOC 2, CCPA and CCRA.

What's included?
Data Flow Mapping Tool

Data Flow Mapping Tool

  • Easily identify, map and visualise your data flows in compliance with the GDPR
  • Gain full visibility over the personal data you hold, and how it is being used and transferred
  • Comply with Article 32 of the GDPR
  • Identify and eliminate any process inefficiencies for improved compliance

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  • Conduct faster, simpler, error-free risk assessments
  • Step-by-step risk assessment wizard
  • Built-in libraries of threats, vulnerabilities, and controls
  • The leading risk assessment tool for complying with ISO 27001, the international standard for information security
  • Customisable settings, criteria and scoring

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GDPR Manager

GDPR Manager

  • Quickly assess and manage your GDPR compliance gaps
  • Record data breaches in line with legal requirements
  • Effortlessly handle DSARs
  • Keep track of third parties handling your data

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  • Conduct DPIAs quickly in six simple steps
  • Libraries of risks and controls save time, ensure completeness and reduce errors
  • Screening questions help you determine if a DPIA is needed
  • Reports detail the entire process, the outcomes of the risk assessment, and whether it has been signed off or not

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Compliance Manager

Compliance Manager

  • Keep track of your data security obligations under UK laws
  • Includes a database of critical and relevant UK laws
  • Details specific clauses, implementation requirements and links to the legislation
  • Provides links to recommended controls from the information security standard, ISO 27001
  • Maps specific GDPR articles to best-practice controls from ISO 27001

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Technical specifications

CyberComply is offered as an annual or monthly renewable license. An invoice will be raised every month/year so that you can continue to benefit from updates and unlimited technical support.

The license includes:

  • Dedicated support with subscriber access to:
    • Support specialists – schedule a call, chat online (limited availability) or email us
    • Remote desktop assistance – get secure, hands-on troubleshooting
    • Online resources – access our help documentation, tutorials and training videos
  • Access to the latest software:
    • Get instant access to the latest releases and enhancements.

Fulfilment of your software

After you have completed your order, you will receive a sales receipt and an invite email from the CyberComply platform (if you don’t receive these emails, please check your junk folder).

The invite will be sent via and it will include a link to access the platform.

Once you have clicked the link, you will be directed to where you will be asked to enter your email and password (a temporary password will be included in the invite email).

You will then have full access to your account.

Once you have accessed your account, you can access our user guides directly from the home screen/dashboard. Alternatively, you can contact support using the icon at the top right of the home screen.

Please note: The invite is valid for 24 hours. Please email should you require a new invite.

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