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ISO 22301, the international business continuity standard

Are you best prepared to respond to and recover from a disruptive incident?

ISO/IEC 22301:2012 sets out the requirements for a business continuity management system (BCMS) and is considered the only credible framework for effective business continuity management in the world.

Effective business continuity management means an organization can resume operations and return to ‘business as usual’ as quickly as possible after a disruptive incident (for example, a cyber attack or power failure).

An ISO 22301-aligned BCMS will include disaster recovery plans that focus on the recovery of specific operations, functions, sites, services or applications.

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What is a BCMS?

A BCMS is a framework for organizations to update, control, and deploy an effective BCM program that helps them prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents. Implementing a BCMS includes the development of business continuity plans, taking into account organizational contingencies and capabilities, as well as the organization’s individual business needs. ISO 22301 provides the specification for a best-practice BCMS.

A BCMS helps organizations cope with incidents affecting all business-critical processes and activities, from the failure of a single server to the complete loss of a major facility.

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Disaster recovery and BCMS

Disaster recovery plans are often formed within the context of a BCMS. They are relatively technical and will focus on the recovery of specific operations, functions, sites, services, or applications.

Disaster recovery plans are focused on returning an organization back to ‘business as usual’ after a disruptive incident and achieving total recovery, where business continuity management is about making sure the organization can continue to function during a disruption.

What are the benefits of business continuity management and ISO 22301?

Reduce the cost of business interruption insurance cover based on actual analysis of your organizational risk exposure.

Achieve regulatory and governance requirements where business continuity management is a necessity.

Meet the demands of clients across the supply chain.

Receive independently audited assurance that your business has established the necessary measures to respond to a potential disaster.

Protect your organization’s turnover, profits, and reputation due to improved resilience and preparedness.

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  • We have helped more than 600 clients with management system implementation and certification projects around the world
  • We offer a wide range of BCM products and services, including books, and documentation toolkits to support your implementation journey
  • We take an integrated approach to compliance so we can align your BCMS with your needs for information security, quality management etc.
  • Our advice is always pragmatic, and we work according to your budget, timeframe, and organizational needs. No organization or project is ever too big or small.

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