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Phishing Awareness Posters

Phishing Awareness Posters

SKU: 4925
Format: Download (PDF and JPG)
ISBN13: 9781849289894
Pages: 5
Published: 05 Apr 2018
Availability: Available

These posters are designed to be used as part of a phishing awareness program for organizations looking to educate employees to be alert, vigilant and secure within the workplace.

Price: $130.00


Phishing awareness posters

Phishing attacks are continually on the rise. In the first three months of 2017 alone, Kaspersky Labs products prevented 51 million phishing attempts. With even more attacks expected in 2018, it’s inevitable that your organization will be targeted. Fortunately, steps can be taken to prevent your staff from falling victim.

Ensure that staff are engaged with your phishing awareness measures with this set of five* visually captivating posters. These can be displayed around key locations in your office to reinforce security awareness in the workplace.

These posters have been designed to work in any organization, enabling you to educate your staff on different topics and help them adhere to information security best practices. Each set consists of the following posters with a ‘Think before you click’ header:

  • Even a seemingly friendly email, text, or social media message can be a trick
  • The business impact of phishing
  • Help prevent phishing attacks
  • Can you spot the threat?
  • Types of phishing

Each poster contains key messaging aimed at all employees who use the Internet or email as a means of conducting business. Buy these posters today to increase staff awareness on keeping your organization safe.

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