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Cybersecurity Pocket Guide Bundle

Cyber Security Pocket Guide Bundle

SKU: 4320
Authors: Michael Krausz, John H. Walker, Victoria Loewengart, Steve Watkins, Alan Calder, Nicki Carter, Rosemary Jay and Jenna Clarke
Publishers: ITGP
Format: (Softcover Book bundle)
Published: 20 Aug 2013
Availability: Now available

Five essential guides to raise staff awareness about cybersecurity

Ideal for non-technical staff in all business functions, these quick and accessible guides give a swift understanding of the perils of poor information and cybersecurity. They outline the principles and teach the good habits that are the bedrock of a sound cybersecurity policy.

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Price: $59.80


A cybersecurity system that ignores people is no cybersecurity system at all.

One of the biggest threats to effective information and cybersecurity is a lack of knowledge and awareness among staff. You can have the best technical security and the most sophisticated processes in place, but one member of staff who is untrained or ignorant of the dangers can compromise your whole system.

As well as leaving you open to cyber attacks, a lack of understanding of legal requirements surrounding data protection and credit card processing could land your organization in hot water, cause a PR disaster, and lead to substantial fines.

This bundle includes:

All five pocket guides are available as a bundle for $59.80, saving you 20% on the total cost.

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