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IT for Business (IT4B) – From Genesis to Revolution

IT for Business (IT4B) – From Genesis to Revolution

SKU: 4952
Authors: Brian Johnson, Walter Zondervan
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9781849289993
Pages: 250
Published: 06 Jun 2018
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Format: Adobe eBook
ISBN13: 9781787780002
Pages: 239
Published: 06 Jun 2018
Availability: Available
Format: Adobe ePub
ISBN13: 9781787780019
Pages: 239
Published: 06 Jun 2018
Availability: Available

Learn how to integrate well-known concepts, methods, and processes from ITIL® and COBIT®, combining the best from each approach with this practical guide.

Price: $39.99


IT for Business (IT4B) – From Genesis to Revolution is written by service management experts with years of real-life experience, ensuring sensible, practical, and effective advice.

This book reads like a conversation on IT service management. Rather than reinventing traditional IT frameworks or methods, IT4B provides a coherent understanding of digital readiness for your enterprise. It offers insight and coaching, rather than readymade advice. The book aims to:

  • Use well-known service management concepts, methods, and processes to focus on digital innovation
  • Promote a reuse-reduce-recycle approach to improve projects, rather than grow-expand-explode
  • Use the IT4B framework as a lens that will guide all your projects


So, what is IT4B?

IT ‘4’ (for) business is an acronym for the business community to use, and is intended to help the business side of a company determine whether its IT is ‘aligned’ or ‘integrated’ and what is missing.

This book serves as an essential guide for the identification and implementation of IT methods.


About the authors

Brian Johnson has held a number of key leadership and strategic roles in government and private companies. He was a part of the UK government team that created the ITIL approach. He has written a number of books on ITIL, the software lifecycle, and the role of IT in business. When he isn’t working or writing, Brian’s passion is playing soccer.

Walter Zondervan is a digital innovator who is always looking to help organizations reach their full potential. In his 20+ years of experience, he became fascinated with translating business goals into IT strategy. As a digital transformation strategist, he developed a comprehensive approach to this, which has been partially adopted by the BiSL® Next framework for business information management. Working with Brian Johnson on BiSL® Next, they decided to take it a step further by combining their insights to create a practical IT4B approach to digital transformation.

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