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Phishing penetration testing

Phishing is one of the oldest ‘hacking’ methods used by cyber criminals. Phishing works well because it tricks people into divulging sensitive information that can compromise their security. Moreover, successful phishing attacks deliver an enormous return on investment, which has motivated criminals to create increasingly sophisticated and creative phishing ‘lures’.

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Can you spot the threat?

Use simulated phishing emails to assess your risks

A simulated phishing attack aims to establish whether your employees are vulnerable to phishing emails, so you can take immediate action to improve your cyber security. This service gives you an independent assessment of employee susceptibility to phishing attacks and provides a benchmark for your security awareness campaigns.

After completing the simulation, the results of the test can be shared with employees. As part of this feedback, IT Governance has developed an e-learning module to help your staff understand how phishing attacks work, the tactics that cyber criminals employ to lure inattentive users, and how to spot and avoid a phishing campaign.

Reduce costs and get accurate results with IT Governance’s expert testing

The powerful combination of IT Governance’s Simulated Phishing Attack and Phishing Staff Awareness Course will help you reduce your phishing exposure by assessing your staff’s vulnerability to phishing attacks.

Simulated Phishing Attack

Simulated Phishing Attack

This simulated phishing attack will establish whether your employees are vulnerable to phishing emails, enabling you to take immediate remedial action to improve your cybersecurity posture.

The email asks the targeted employees to take certain actions that will result in them giving sensitive information such as usernames and passwords. The responses and any information contained within will be intercepted and assessed, while redirecting users to prevent suspicion.

Phishing Staff Awareness Course

Phishing Staff Awareness Course

Take action against the increasing threat of targeted phishing attacks by educating your employees to be alert, vigilant and secure.

This interactive e-learning course helps employees identify and understand phishing scams, explains what would happen should they fall victim, and shows them how they can mitigate the threat of an attack.

Phishing and Ransomware - e-learning Course

Phishing and Ransomware – Human patch e-learning course

This ten-minute course introduces employees to phishing and ransomware, and what they need to be aware of to help prevent attacks. By educating your staff, you can significantly reduce the risk of your organization falling victim to an attack.

The course was developed in response to the WannaCry ransomware attack, which spread rapidly across networks and affected 200,000 organisations in 150 countries, including the UK's NHS, Telefónica in Spain and Nissan’s Sunderland UK plant.

Phishing Awareness Posters

Phishing Awareness Posters

These posters are designed to be used as part of a phishing awareness programe for organizations looking to educate employees to be alert, vigilant and secure within the workplace.

These posters have been designed to work in any organization, enabling you to educate your staff on different topics and help them adhere to information security best practices.

How IT Governance can help you 

We are pioneers in offering easy-to-understand and quick-to-buy penetration testing.

You can choose the level of penetration test to meet your budget and technical requirements.

We provide clear reports that can be understood by engineering and management teams alike.

CREST-accredited penetration testing services give you all the technical assurance you need.

Companies using our penetration testing services

“IT Governance combines the delivery of real insights with a cost-effective service.”

Ian Kilpatrick, Group Information Security Officer at Collinson Group.

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