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Leading for Success

Leading for Success

SKU: 2257
Authors: Sarah Cook
Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
Format: PDF
ISBN13: 9781905356935
Pages: 110
Published: 24 Feb 2009
Availability: Always Available
Format: ePub
ISBN13: 9781849281522
Pages: 110
Published: 24 Feb 2009
Availability: Always Available
Format: Kindle
ISBN13: 9781849282581
Pages: 110
Published: 24 Feb 2009

Whatever the environment in which you work, providing effective leadership leads to a climate where team members want to give of their best and where organizational goals are more likely to be reached. This book provides IT managers with practical advice and tips on how to become an effective leader.

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Every business, especially in today’s troubled economic climate, has to adapt to change. And the IT department of a business will always find itself at the cutting edge of such changes.

Change requires leadership. Impressive technical and administrative skills are not enough, and people in IT departments are now increasingly expected to use their soft skills as well.

IT is no longer merely a back-office function. People in IT are now being called on to drive through improvements in the wider operations of their business. Both as agents and enablers of change, IT professionals need to develop communication skills so that they can cooperate with the other departments of their organization. This book is intended to help IT professionals develop their leadership skills.

Benefits to business include:

  • Develop effective communication skills and inspire and enthuse your team!
  • Create a team vision, shaping future goals by focusing on the team’s earlier successes.
  • Give the members of your team the sense of responsibility that will motivate them to achieve excellent results.
  • Ensure your people perform to their full potential.

As Sarah Cook observes, “Traditionally, many organisational departments, including IT, tend to adopt a command-and-control type of leadership. This means that many team members are not encouraged to make decisions without referring to the leader. Removing some of these barriers enables people to create an environment that is motivational and produces excellent results.”

About the author

Sarah Cook is the Managing Director of The Stairway Consultancy. She has 15 years’ consulting experience in the field of team-building, leadership and culture change. She holds an MA from Cambridge University and an MBA, and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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