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CISSP Blended Online Training Course

CISSP Blended Online Training Course

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  • This industry-leading course, built and delivered by experts, will give you what you need to develop your career and pass the challenging CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) exam first time.
  • Our unique blended training course delivers guided learning that is more manageable in an extremely busy schedule, works for a wider variety of learning styles, and improves retention and exam success.
  • Learn your way with training methods and solutions to suit your business or personal learning style. We offer instructor-led, blended, self-paced, in-house and bespoke training options.
  • Exam pass guarantee – you have peace of mind in the unlikely event that you fail your first attempt, we will pay for your exam resit and train you again for free. T&Cs apply.
  • 35 CPD points are awarded on successful completion of this course. Please note that the (ISC)² CISSP exam is not included in this course.
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Training course outline

In this course, you will gain all the knowledge and skills needed to successfully pass the CISSP exam first time, while balancing the demands of a busy work and home schedule.

The course combines instructor-led sessions, guided digital content, one-on-one mentoring, tools, resources and applications to deliver more than 100 hours of learning over 13 weeks. Study for a very manageable 1 hour a day.

Download the CISSP Blended Online Training Course brochure.

Why is CISSP important?

Awarded by (ISC)2, CISSP has been compared to a master’s degree in IT security and is globally accepted as the qualification of choice for senior cybersecurity consultants, managers, and directors.

Achieving CISSP will help you gain the knowledge to enhance your job performance and improve your contribution to your organization. Many government and regulatory bodies require CISSP certification for certain positions.

Earning the CISSP qualification is an important step in developing a career as a senior information or cybersecurity manager/director and opens the door to roles with a higher salary and enhanced job prospects.

CISSP was one of the top-paying IT certifications in the North America ($154,186) region in 2022. (Global Knowledge IT Skills & Salary Report 2022)

Our unique 13-week CISSP Blended Online Training Course

Our blended training course is designed to deliver learning that is achievable and sustainable in an extremely busy work and life schedule. Instead of typical block classroom training, this course uses a ‘flipped classroom,’ which combines guided digital content with instructor-led sessions so you have more time to absorb and understand each of the CISSP knowledge domains.

We have combined instructor-led, digital content and support features to create the ultimate truly blended learning experience. We start with an assessment of your knowledge and a one-on-one meeting with our expert instructor to develop your personal learning plan.

You will be introduced to a topic or subject by an instructor, then asked to study the associated digital content, which can be accessed anywhere from any device. A subsequent review will then be completed in the instructor-led training session to summarize the key content and provide further advice on additional study resources.

We ask you to commit to a minimum of one hour of learning per day for 13 weeks. Combined with 20 hours of instructor-led sessions, this program contains a minimum of 100 hours of learning, ensuring you have the best chance of passing.

This blended course includes everything you need to confidently pass the CISSP exam, embed the learning, and build a more effective understanding of information and cybersecurity management.

Course features

Instructor-led sessions

Weekly instructor-led sessions, including group discussions, Q&A sessions, hands-on exercises, and guidance on next steps.

Digital content

12 months of access to more than 70 hours of digital content, including exercises, flashcards, mind maps, and practice exams – all of which are available on your phone, laptop, tablet, or PC computer.


Pre- and post-topic assessments that help track your progress and identify areas that require improvement.

One-on-one mentoring

Four half-hour, one-on-one mentoring calls to devise a personalized study plan.

Global connections

Network with global learners and benefit from peer support.

Q&A forum

Get support from peers and instructors 24/7.

Group work

Work with your peers on topics to further embed your learning.

Exam strategies and techniques

Learn the right approach to answer the questions and pass the new CISSP CAT (computerized adaptive testing) exam on the first attempt

Supporting materials

Get everything you need to support your learning, including a CISSP study book, digital content, and flashcards.

Designed to help you succeed

You will receive one-on-one mentoring, reminders, progress updates, chasers, and lots of encouragement!

What is blended learning?

Blended training offers learners and instructors an improved educational experience by combining instructor-led sessions, guided digital content, mentoring, tools, resources, and applications.

It is shown to expand reach, increase engagement, provide useful resources, facilitate collaboration, and simplify assessment. This helps learners to involve more senses during the learning process and provides more tools to help with the studies.

Blended learning is best delivered in a ‘learn over time’ program, allowing delegates to take learning one step at a time, with a view to mastery of each subject while accommodating the challenges of a busy work and home life.

Ultimately, blended learning means you will pass CISSP easily and with less stress than self-studying or attending a traditional ‘cram and go’ CISSP boot camp.

Why choose blended learning?

 Tailored, mastery-based learning

Focus on what you need to study, and guided by an expert, work until you master the subject.

 Better learning outcomes

The blended delivery model improves learning outcomes by embedding the required knowledge and developing successful exam techniques and skills. This results in higher first-time pass rates compared to traditional ‘cram-and-go’ learning.

 Work around lifestyle challenges

A manageable minimum of one 1 hour of learning per day over 13 weeks allows you to fit your study around work and home commitments.

 Global networking and peer support

Attend instructor-led sessions with learners from around the world. Learn from other learners’ industries and experiences, build connections, and share best practices.

 A more manageable program

Study using instructor-led guidance and digital resources in a relaxed and low-stress learning program.

Who should attend this course?

The CISSP course is suitable for mid- and senior-level IT and security managers who are working toward or have already achieved a position such as:

  • CISO (chief information security officer)
  • CSO (chief security officer)
  • Senior security engineer
  • Security consultant
  • Security Manager
  • Security Auditor
  • Security Director
  • Security Architect
  • Network Architect
  • IT Director/Manager
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Systems Engineer

Your Learning Path

Find out how the CISSP Blended Online Training Course will help you enhance your knowledge and career.

This course is an essential component of the following learning paths:

Why choose IT Governance for your training needs?

  • We are the global specialists - As global specialists in information security, cybersecurity, and privacy, we pride ourselves on being market leaders and keeping one step ahead. Our expert instructors use their working knowledge to bring the course content to life, while covering all the essential and technical content.

  • Built and delivered by experts - Our courses are built and delivered by subject-matter experts and innovative instructional design specialists with years of practical, hands-on experience.

  • Learn your way - We have the training methods and solutions to suit your business or personal learning style. We offer instructor-led (classroom, Live Online, or hybrid), blended, self-paced, elearning, in-house, and bespoke training options.

  • Our service levels are exemplary - From the sales team that pays close attention to your development needs, to the operations team that makes things tick like a Swiss watch, to the energy and skill of the instructors. We are all passionate about what we do and want to ensure you get the best training experience possible.

  • Pass the first time or train again for free - We have trained more than 28,000 people and we’re confident you’ll pass with us the first time. If you don’t, we’ll train you again for free.*

*T&Cs apply.

Course requirements

What does this course cover?

The CISSP Blended Online Training Course consists of more than 100 hours of learning with instructor-led sessions, guided digital content, and instructor-led personal support that includes pre-course assessment, one-on-one sessions, and ongoing monitoring. It is delivered over a 13-week period.

What’s included in this course?

Expert instructor-led group sessions

  • Weekly live online group training sessions of 1.5 hours a week for 13 weeks
  • Guidance on key study topics and the study of digital online content
  • Priority-based learning to expand on topics identified for improvement from regular assessments and Q&A sessions
  • Live online group meetings with discussion and peer support
  • Planning and guidance on the next steps on your learning schedule

Digital training content

  • More than 70 hours of comprehensive online digital information with 12 months of access from your phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer
  • Essential summary and key facts for each CISSP knowledge domain
  • Exercises and tests to reinforce learning and check knowledge
  • Flashcards to help you learn key terminology
  • Exam strategies and pass techniques
  • Visual mind map to connect key concepts and aid exam revision
  • Practice exams


  • Four 30-minute one-on-one mentoring calls to devise a personal training schedule and monitor your learning progress.
  • Pre- and post-course assessments of your knowledge to define and review your learning goals and your readiness to take the exam.
  • Exam practice throughout the course and an intensive final exam preparation session.
  • A copy of the CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, Ninth Edition (by Fernando Maymí and Shon Harris) study guide.
  • Additional learning materials including handouts, news articles, and videos.
  • Peer support so you can network and collaborate with like-minded individuals with wide-ranging levels of work experience.
  • Our pass guarantee – we are confident that you will pass the CISSP exam on your first attempt. If you don’t, we will train you again for free and pay for the cost of retaking the exam. *T&Cs apply.

What equipment do I need?

You’ll need a laptop for the duration of your course and exam.

Course duration and times

This course is delivered over 13 weeks.

Instructor-led sessions will run, every Wednesday at:

Live Online PDT/PST

  • 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Live Online CDT/CST

  • 12:00 am – 1:30 pm

Live Online EDT/EST

  • 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm

Personal support will be available at different times to support individual schedules.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

There are no specific requirements to attend this course.

If you’re just starting your learning journey, this course will give you the best basis of learning. Those without the required experience can take the exam to become an Associate of (ISC)² while working toward the experience needed for full certification.

If you’re aiming to imminently take your exam, please be aware that all attendees are expected to have a basic understanding of the CISSP job practice knowledge domains.

Please note that to be awarded your CISSP qualification, you must pass the CISSP exam and have at least five years of cumulative, paid work experience in two or more of the eight domains of the (ISC)² CISSP CBK (Common Body of Knowledge).

Is there any recommended reading?

The CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, Ninth Edition by Fernando Maymí and Shon Harris is included in the purchase of this course. We recommend that you read the introduction and first chapter of this book before your first one-on-one mentoring session.

Exams and qualifications

CISSP exam

Please note that an (ISC)² CISSP exam voucher is not included in the course price and the exam is not taken during this exam preparation training program.

Our training team will advise you on how to book your examination on the (ISC)² website or at an official (ISC)² exam center. To provide continued support during the crucial exam preparation period, all learners will have email access to our trainer, who will answer any last-minute questions as required.

The (ISC)² CISSP exam is available in two different formats.

This course is equivalent to:


CPD points

CISSP CAT (computerized adaptive testing)

  • Delivery method: Online
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Questions: 125–175
  • Format: Multiple choice with intelligent assessment
  • Pass mark: 70%

CISSP linear examination

  • Delivery method: Online
  • Languages: Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Questions: 250
  • Format: Multiple choice with intelligent assessment
  • Pass mark: 70%

What qualifications will I receive?

To be awarded your CISSP qualification, you must pass the CISSP exam and have at least five years of cumulative, paid work experience in two or more of the eight domains of the (ISC)² CISSP CBK (Common Body of Knowledge).

If you don’t have enough experience yet, you can still pass the CISSP exam and become an Associate of (ISC)² while you gain the required work experience.

Can exams be retaken?

We are confident that you will pass the CISSP exam on your first attempt. If you don’t, we will train you again for free and pay for the cost of retaking the exam.*

*T&Cs apply.



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What is the format of the CISSP exam? 

How do I maintain my CISSP certification?  

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