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Certified Cybersecurity Foundation Self-Paced Online Training Course

Certified Cyber Security Foundation Self-Paced Online Training Course

SKU: 5500
Format: 1 course with exam
Format: 2 - 4 courses with exam
Format: 5 - 8 courses with exam
Format: 9 - 12 courses with exam
Format: 13 - 16 courses with exam
Format: 17 - 20 courses with exam
Format: 1 course without exam
Format: 2 - 4 courses without exam
Format: 5 - 8 courses without exam
Format: 9 - 12 courses without exam
Format: 13 - 16 courses without exam
Format: 17 - 20 courses without exam
  • Train with cybersecurity experts for a complete introduction to cybersecurity threats, cybersecurity controls, security frameworks, and incident management.
  • Fully aligned with the CyBOK v1.1 (Cyber Security Body of Knowledge), which is approved by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre).
  • Work at your own pace with self-paced online training – a more affordable, flexible, and less disruptive way to study. Find out more.
  • Learn from anywhere with this self-paced course or the Live Online option that allow you to study your way, keeping travel and costs to a minimum.
  • Successful completion of the course and exam awards the Certified Cyber Security Foundation (C CS F) qualification and 7 CPD/CPE points.

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Training course outline

This self-paced online training course provides a comprehensive introduction to current cybersecurity threats and the measures required to mitigate the risks associated with cyber attacks. It also prepares you to pass the included IBITGQ Certified Cyber Security Foundation (C CS F) exam on the first attempt.

The course content is aligned with CyBOK v1.1 (Cyber Security Body of Knowledge). Approved by the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre), CyBOK defines and codifies the foundational knowledge required for a cybersecurity professional.

This training course focuses on building the introductory knowledge associated with the CyBOK categories:

  • Human, Organizational and Regulatory Aspects
  • Attacks and Defenses
  • Systems Security
  • Software and Platform Security
  • Infrastructure Security

It also prepares candidates to pass the additional CIISEC ICSF (Information & Cyber Security Foundation) qualification. Please see CIISEC ICSF for further information on registering for the exam.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Understanding cybersecurity fundamentals
  • Information security and governance
  • Threat, vulnerability, risk assessment and management
  • Understanding security controls
  • Information security frameworks
  • The security lifecycle
  • The need for operational compliance

Certified Cybersecurity Foundation training course benefits

 Bite-sized learning

Pre-recorded online course, enabling you to learn in easy, manageable, bite-sized chunks.

 Study at your own pace

Learn at a time, place and pace that suit you.

 Learning support

Comes with a learner guide to be read alongside the video modules.

 Test your knowledge

Knowledge-check questions at the end of each module to help gauge what you’ve learned.

 Designed by experts

Designed by acknowledged leaders in the cyber and information security industry.

 Delivered by professionals

Taught by a real-world practitioner with extensive experience of delivering effective cybersecurity programs to organizations worldwide.

Who should attend this course?

This course is particularly suitable for people starting, or wanting to start, a career in cybersecurity. It will also benefit operational staff, business directors, and managers who wish to improve their understanding of cybersecurity and its impact on their organization.

Your learning path

Find out how the Certified Cybersecurity Foundation Training Course will help you start or enhance your career and boost your knowledge.

This course is an essential component of the following learning paths:

Cybersecurity learning path

Why choose IT Governance USA for your training needs?

  • We’re internationally recognized as the authority on ISO 27001 – our team led the world’s first ISO 27001 certification project, and since then we have trained more than 8,000 professionals on ISMS (information security management system) implementations and audits.
  • Trained by industry experts – our trainers are working consultants with years of practical, hands-on experience.
  • Pass first time or train again for free – we have trained more than 28,000 people and we’re confident you’ll pass with us first time. If you don’t, we’ll train you again for free.*
  • Access your training anywhere – all our course materials are provided as a digital copy, allowing you to access them anywhere and at any time. Documents will be made available 20 days before your course.
  • Business solutions to suit you – whether you’re a multinational wanting us to manage all your training needs or a small business wishing to boost your workforce skills, we offer a range of training solutions.

*T&Cs apply.

Course details

What does this course cover?

Module 1 – Understanding cybersecurity fundamentals

  • The impacts of cyber incidents and events on an organization
  • The current threat landscape
  • The CIA triad
  • The roles of people, processes, and controls in cybersecurity

Module 2 – Information security and governance

  • Explain information governance
  • The role of organizational governance and its link to security
  • Introducing the ISO 27014 standard
  • Define a security steering committee
  • Discovering who is responsible for cybersecurity

Module 3 – Threat, vulnerability, risk assessment and management

  • Definitions of risk, vulnerability, threat, and assets
  • The purpose of a risk-based approach
  • Describing risk in terms of impact and likelihood
  • Considering risk and mitigation options
  • The current risk appetite of an organization
  • Reviewing the use of heat maps

Module 4 – Understanding security controls

  • The four control categories: preventive, deterrent, detective, and corrective
  • The four control types: physical, procedural, personal, and technical
  • Understanding the concept of Cloud computing
  • A summary of Cloud computing responsibilities
  • Symmetric, asymmetric, and hybrid cryptography

Module 5 – Information security frameworks

  • The purpose of policies, standards, procedures, and guidelines
  • The need for security awareness
  • The relationship between legislation and cybersecurity, i.e. the GDPR, CMA
  • Contractual requirements, including the PCI DSS
  • Standards bodies, including ISO/IEC and NIST

Module 6 – The security lifecycle

  • Recognizing secure coding practices
  • Examples of testing strategies, such as fuzzing and regression testing
  • The importance of patch management
  • Explaining change management
  • The use of independent assurance including ISO 27001

Module 7 – The need for operational compliance

  • The purpose of auditing
  • Methods of monitoring such as IDS, IPS, and SIEM
  • Explaining the five phases of incident management

What’s included in this course?

  • Full course materials (digital copies provided as a PDF file)
  • Access to our LMS (learning management system) for one year
  • A Certified Cyber Security Foundation (C CS F) exam voucher (if purchased)
  • A certificate of attendance
  • Access to a monthly security bulletin from our in-house information security experts to keep you up to date with the latest threats

Please note that this course can be purchased with or without the exam.

What equipment do I need?

You will need a computer for the duration of this course.

Course duration and times

This self-paced online course consists of seven modules of pre-recorded videos and exercises, which are available at any time for one year.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

While there are no formal entry requirements for this course, we assume that participants will have some IT knowledge.

Exams and qualifications

Certified Cybersecurity Foundation exam

Attendees take the ISO 17024-certificated Certified Cyber Security Foundation (C CS F) exam set by IBITGQ at the end of the course.

  • Delivery method: Online
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Questions: 40
  • Format: Multiple choice
  • Pass mark: 65%

This course is equivalent to:


CPD points

What qualifications will I receive?

Certified Cybersecurity Foundation (C CS F).


This course holds accreditation from IBITGQ (International Board for IT Governance Qualifications) and CIISec (The Chartered Institute of Information Security), satisfying CIISec Knowledge Areas requirements at Level 1: A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, B1, C3, D2, E1, F2, G1, G2, H1 and H2, and Level 2: B2, B3, and H3.

As a premier personnel certification body, IBITGQ specialises in certifying individuals who demonstrate exceptional proficiency in IT governance practices.

IBITGQ maintains accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17024:2012 standard, a globally recognised benchmark for conformity assessment. Accreditation by the International Accreditation Service (IAS) further underscores the course's commitment to meeting stringent certification requirements.

ISO 17024 certification is esteemed within the industry and universally acknowledged by employers worldwide. By aligning with this standard, our course ensures that your qualifications are not only recognised but also highly valued by employers across diverse sectors.

Upon successful completion of the course, you have the opportunity to validate your professional expertise by registering your qualification on the esteemed IBITGQ/GASQ successful candidate register. This platform serves as a testament to your commitment to excellence in IT governance, setting you apart as a distinguished professional in the field.

How will I receive my exam results and certificates?

  • Provisional exam results will be available immediately on completion of the exam. Confirmed exam results will be issued within ten working days from the date of the exam.
  • Certificates for those who have achieved a passing grade will be issued within ten working days from the date of the exam.
  • Results notifications and certificates are sent directly to candidates by the relevant exam board in electronic format; please note that hard copy exam certificates are not issued.

Can exams be retaken?

Yes, if you are unsuccessful on the first attempt you can retake the exam for an additional fee. You can email us to schedule the retest for the exam.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

This course awards 7 CPD points, which are accredited by the CPD Certification Service.

CPD points are a record of your commitment to acquiring the knowledge required to enhance your ability and proficiency to perform your job role.

IT Governance is an approved CPD Provider of the CPD Certification Service. This training course has been reviewed to ensure its quality and integrity and found to meet the required continuing professional development standard and benchmark of an internationally recognized CPD accreditation service.


Fulfillment of your self-paced online training course

After you have completed your order, you will receive a sales receipt and a “Thank you for your order” confirmation email. This email will ask you to provide essential participant information and gives instructions on how to access your course. If you don’t receive this email, please check your junk folder.

Participant information

You must provide the requested participant information, including a valid email address. This applies whether you have made the booking for yourself or on behalf of someone.

Please check this information is correct before submitting, as you are unable to change the participant’s email address once it has been added to our system.

Accessing the course

If you are a new customer, you will receive an email from with instructions on how to access the LMS (learning management system). If you or other participants do not receive this email, please check your junk folders.

If you have accessed the LMS previously, please log in using your credentials. You can access the LMS at any time from your My Account page.

Once you have logged in to the LMS, you can download the course material immediately.


Important information: Please read our examination guide before scheduling your exam.

All exams are delivered online using an automated proctor system managed by GASQ on behalf of IBITGQ.

What you need

When you’re ready to take your exam, please log in to your My Account page, scroll down to the ‘Self-paced online training courses’ section, and click the ‘Course completed’ button. A member of our team will be in touch to provide details of your exam booking procedure.

Exam candidates are required to have:

  • >A desktop or laptop computer with a webcam and microphone
  • Google Chrome browser installed
  • Photo ID such as a student card, an ID card, or a driver’s license
  • A tablet or smartphone with a camera (optional – but required for some courses)
  • A stable Wi-Fi Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 1.5 Mbps

Please see our examination guide for exact specifications.

Scheduling your exam

You are required to book your exam online at least 96 hours before the exam date.

Please be aware that you can reschedule your exam once (if needed) at least 48 hours before your booked exam date for no additional charge.

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