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Think you’re too small or "unknown" to be a target?

Cyber crime isn’t a threat that only affects other people. It isn’t even a threat that you will face in the future; it’s a threat that you face right now. We all do. If you have an online presence, you can be certain that you’re going to be the victim of an attack. Indeed, it is highly likely that you’ve been attacked already and don’t know about it.

Automated attacks are indiscriminate:

Hackers target known coding vulnerabilities, not specific companies/brands. If, for example, there is a known vulnerability in a specific type of shopping cart used by numerous websites, a cyber criminal can (and will) automate an attack on those types of shopping cart regardless of the eCommerce sites that use them. This is often much easier than attacking a single large eCommerce site that will not be using off-the-shelf shopping cart software and whose security systems will be much more robust.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is about far more than investing in hardware and software. First and foremost, cybersecurity is a business matter. This means that top management is accountable for ensuring that its organization’s cybersecurity strategy meets business objectives. In fact, organizations need competent people and effective processes in order to maximise the value of security technology.

Steps to addressing Cybersecurity:

  1. Establish and understand your threat exposure and risk levels. A high-level Cyber "Health Check" combines on-site assessments and vulnerability scans of your network with employee questionnaires. You will receive a roadmap of actions and recommendations in order to address critical security issues.

  2. You need a holistic approach to combat cyber threats: Choose the most appropriate cybersecurity solution for your needs and then put in place a cybersecurity framework that combines people, procesess, and technology

  3. People:

  4. Process: As cybercrime becomes more and more common, you need to put cybersecurity processes in place that are tried and tested

  5. Technology: Use technology to implement solutions for combating cybercrime.