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Cyber Governance Health Check (Cyber Health Test)

Why carry out a cyber governance health check?
What does a cyber governance health check include?
Why use IT Governance?
How much will it cost?

Why carry out a cyber governance health check?

The British Government’s National Security Strategy acknowledges cyber threats as one of the four major risks to national security. Find out more about the current cyber threat landscape here.
A company’s board of directors is accountable for the organization’s cybersecurity health. In a July 2013 letter to the chairmen of all the FTSE 350 companies, the British government stressed the importance of a cyber governance health check.
A cyber governance health check at board-level is necessary to establish the gaps in the governance of cybersecurity from a Board perspective. It will enable Board directors to understand how information flows across the enterprise, whether information assets are properly registered, and who is responsible for managing cyber risk. It will also help the Board determine which cyber governance areas to target for improvement and how much money to invest.
“More than 70% of investors are interested in reviewing public company cybersecurity practices and almost 80% would likely not consider investing in a company with a history of attacks.” [Source: HBGary report]

What does a cyber governance health check include?

Our qualified, experienced consultants will work with you to determine the governance of cybersecurity in your organization at Board level.
The following areas will be examined and a report will be produced that identifies the gap areas and recommends specific steps to fill these in:

  • Do your company’s Board directors receive regular reports on the status of your company’s cybersecurity governance? If yes, how often are the reports received?
  • Have you identified your key information assets and thoroughly assessed their vulnerability to attack?
  • Has responsibility for the cyber risk been allocated appropriately? Is it on the risk register?
  • Do you have an effective risk governance structure in which your risk appetite and selected controls are aligned?
  • Do you have appropriate information risk policies and adequate cyber insurance?

We can also help you to carry out a detailed cybersecurity risk assessment.

Why use IT Governance?

IT Governance has more than ten years’ experience in helping organizations get their "basic security hygiene" right, working with Board directors and senior managers to identify and manage cyber risks in line with the organization’s risk appetite and commercial business drivers.

How much will it cost?

This is a custom service available to SMEs and large organizations. We focus on quality and results, while offering competitive prices. We can tailor our service to meet your timescale and budget requirements. The offer will depend on the number of employees and office-locations as well as your specific needs.
Call us on 1 877 317 3454 today or email to receive a no-obligation quote or to arrange a cyber governance health check.