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The Calder–Moir IT Governance Framework

There is a wide range of IT-related management frameworks, standards and methodologies currently available, each of which addresses the narrow demands of a particular issue, but none of which individually provides a stand-alone, overarching IT governance framework.

The Calder–Moir IT Governance Framework, based on the best-practice guidance in the international standard ISO38500, has been designed to help you create a framework to maximize the benefits from these different standards and frameworks.

On this page:

An introduction to Calder–Moir
The IT governance framework
Calder–Moir resources
Free trial version of the Calder–Moir IT Governance Framework Toolkit

An introduction to Calder–Moir

Co-authored by IT Governance CEO Alan Calder, the Calder–Moir Framework is designed to maximize the benefit from all these integrated and overlapping standards, frameworks, and methodologies:

  • IT Balanced Scorecards
  • Zachman Enterprise Architecture
  • IT Portfolio Management

It is also aligned with ISO38500, the international standard for IT governance, and adopts its best practice guidance.

The sole purpose of the Calder–Moir Framework is to act as an aid for boards, executives, and IT governance practitioners as they navigate this broad and complex subject, and to provide a common framework when discussing IT related issues at a high level.

The IT governance framework

As you can see in the hexagonal diagram above, the framework has six colored segments, each of which has three layers.

Inner layer

The inner layer names the six IT governance issues:

  • IT Strategy
  • Change
  • Information & Technology
  • Operations
  • Business Strategy
  • Risk Conformance & Compliance

These are the broad subjects that the board and executives need to get right to ensure value delivery, compliance, and risk control. This layer is used to map the six ISO38500 principles to your real-world business/IT processes and assets.

Middle layer

The middle layer breaks each issue into a number of topics for governance and management. (For example, in the yellow "IT Strategy" segment, the middle layer breaks this down into "Information Strategy, Business/IT Architectures, and IT Principles").

Outer layer

The outer layer lists a number of solutions that many organizations already use to govern, control, manage, and deliver. Working your way around the hexagon you can see how the Calder–Moir Framework will assist you in creating an efficient structure to manage all of your IT frameworks, standards and methodologies.

Calder–Moir resources

Free trial version of the Calder–Moir IT Governance Framework Toolkit

You can get the most of the Calder–Moir Framework with the IT Governance Framework Toolkit, a documentation kit that contains 1,600 pages of IT governance implementation resources including templates, guidelines, checklists, questionnaires, slide presentations, assessments, and planning tools.

The toolkit provides you with:

  • a single integrated framework that enables you to get the best out of COBIT, ITIL, ISO27001/ISO27002, ISO20000, PRINCE2, PMBOK, TOGAF, IT Balanced Scorecards, the Zachman Enterprise Architecture, IT Portfolio Management, Dashboards, and more
  • a framework to navigate your wide-ranging and complex strategic, risk management, compliance, and operational needs
  • a step-by-step guide to cross-corporation implementation
  • templates and assessment tools that will simplify many aspects of the process for you
  • practical guidance on working with ISO/IEC 38500 and for integrating widely-used IT governance frameworks including COBIT, ISO27001, ITIL, etc.

To download your free trial version, simply enter your details below and we'll send it to you right away.