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SWANSON on Internal Auditing: Raising the Bar

SWANSON on Internal Auditing - Raising the Bar

SKU: 3109
Authors: Dan Swanson
Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
Format: Adobe eBook
ISBN13: 9781849280686
Pages: 318
Published: 26 Aug 2010
Availability: Always Available
  • Get to grips with key topics of the internal audit and discover the benefits of an effective audit process.
  • Discover how to enhance the internal audit and how this will help you make improvements to your organization.
  • Buy this book today and learn how to use your internal audit process to navigate risks and increase business prospects.

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Definitive guidance on implementing and developing the internal audit function

Based on a series of hugely popular articles from Compliance Week, this book is a concise commentary on strategic issues concerning the way internal audit is established, planned, and performed. High-level issues sit alongside practical guidance to ensure the book appeals to all levels of internal audit management staff. The book introduces the internal audit function and then looks at specific topics that internal auditors must know, including risk management, IT security, business continuity, ethics, and compliance.

Extensive resources and research

The author draws on a wide range of resources and includes details of websites and key literature that encourage further exploration. Commentaries on the wide variety of topics that the author has examined over the years are followed up by various references, including the most important work of the Institute of Internal Auditors.


  1. Introduction to Internal Audit
  2. The Professional Practice of Internal Audit
  3. Improving Internal Audit Results
  4. My Favorites
  5. IIA Related Guidance
  6. Priorities for the Coming Decade
  7. Tackling IT Audit
  8. Healthcare Internal Auditing
  9. IT Audit Checklists
  10. AuditNet Dan Swanson's Columns
  11. IT World Canada: IT Security Resource Blog
  12. Sentinel: The IT Governance Newsletter
  13. CIO Canada: IT Management Columns
  14. Keeping Our Kids Safe!
  15. Learn from the Past and ‘Think'

About the Author

Dan Swanson has more than 26 years’ experience as an internal auditor. He was formerly the Director of Professional Practices at the Institute of Internal Auditors. Dan has completed audit projects for over 30 different organizations, spending almost 10 years in government auditing (federal, provincial, and municipal levels) and the rest in the private sector, mainly in the financial services, transportation, and health sectors. Dan has completed more than 50 IT conversion audits and a dozen comprehensive audits of the IT function.

Customer reviews

(4.33)stars out of 5
# of Ratings: 3
1. on 12/3/2014, said:
4 stars out of 5
“If you want to understand the fundamentals, as well as the fine points of internal auditing and IT auditing, you should read this book.” Eleanor Bloxham, CEO The Value Alliance and Corporate Governance Alliance
2. on 12/3/2014, said:
4 stars out of 5
“Dan Swanson has provided the audit community with a comprehensive compendium of wisdom covering his years of experience in auditing and security. Swanson on Internal Auditing: Raising the Bar will serve as a guide for auditors, both new and old, in circumnavigating the changing landscape in which professionals function!” Jim Kaplan, CIA CFE President and Founder of
3. on 12/3/2014, said:
5 stars out of 5
“Dan is one of the few widely published champions of Internal Auditing and we would all do well to follow his lead with this volume of distilled knowledge. Well done” David Watson, BCRM
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