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ITSM, ITIL® 4 & ISO 20000 Toolkit

ITSM, ITIL® 4 & ISO 20000 Toolkit

SKU: 5315
Publishers: IT Governance Publishing
Format: Microsoft Office suite
ISBN13: 9781787781153
Published: 11 May 2020
  • Use this complete set of documentation templates, policies and procedures to implement an effective SMS (service management system) and improve the efficiency and delivery of services.
  • An official ITIL® Licensed product approved by AXELOS and up to date with both ITIL 4 and ISO 20000:2018.
  • The helpful and comprehensive audit and project tools, including the Gap Analysis, Service catalogue and Asset register, ensure complete service management coverage
  • Accelerate your service management project with more than 150 customizable templates, saving you time and money.
  • Receive direction and guidance from ITIL and ISO 20000 service management experts.

This toolkit is compatible with Office 2016, 2013 and 2010. If you use one of these Office versions on a Mac, or are using an older version of Office, please contact us.

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Price: $745.00

Maximize the benefits of implementing IT service management with a trouble-free, rapid deployment. With this AXELOS®-licensed toolkit, you will have all the direction and tools at hand to streamline your project and implement best practice with ease.

Designed and developed by ITIL and ISO 20000 service management experts Shirley Lacy and Erin Casteel, this toolkit provides all the policies, procedures and tools to enable organizations to assess their current levels of service management and implement processes to deliver better quality services, while meeting regulatory and legal requirements.

ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

Why choose the ITSM, ITIL® 4 & ISO 20000 Toolkit?

 Comply without breaking the bank

A fast and cost-effective route to compliance without the added expense of consultancy.

 Guaranteed compliance

Aligned to the clauses and controls of ISO 20000 to ensure complete coverage of the Standard.

 Audit trail

Record actions and measure improvements for certification and audits.

 Ongoing compliance

Our toolkit is the most comprehensive and up-to-date IT service management toolkit available.

 Ensure you’re on the right track

The toolkit manual guides you through each section of the Standard and links directly to the corresponding documents in the toolkit.

 Achieve genuine compliance

Work from AXELOS-accredited documentation that will improve your processes and procedures.

About the authors

Shirley Lacy has extensive experience helping organizations implement service management using a rapid deployment approach while minimizing organizational delays and cost. This often leads to ISO/IEC 20000 certification and enables organizations to deliver value from their business and technology investments.

Shirley is an authority on service management practices and an author of ITIL publications. Since 2006, she has contributed to the development of the ISO/IEC 20000 series and is a UK representative on the international standards group that develops ISO/IEC 20000.

Erin Casteel is an ITIL 4 Lead Architect and author of the ITIL Foundation, ITIL 4 book. She is a specialist in service management and integration, organizational governance and cyber security. Erin is passionate about helping organizations build, run and improve integrated organizational ecosystems that enable increased agility, resilience and velocity, and create value. She is particularly focused on systems thinking, enterprise architecture and organizational culture to support digital transformation.

Since 2006, Erin has contributed to the development of ISO/IEC 20000, as Chair of the ISO/IEC working group and as an editor. She is also an editor and contributor to the ISO/IEC 27000 series of standards for information security management.

How does our toolkit help you comply?

 Discover where you sit on the compliance scale

Measure your existing arrangements with the Gap Analysis tool and identify the steps needed to implement your SMS and comply with ISO 20000.

 Implement your SMS with ease

Kick-start your compliance project with the Implementation Plan tool, which will help you identify required actions and associated documents. You can also assign tasks and add target start and completion dates to stay on track..

 Set customer and user expectations

Identify and collect all of your service offerings and record how they are or will be delivered using the Service catalogue.

 Ensure your assets meet service requirements

Record any assets used to deliver services with the Asset register and ensure they meet the service requirements and obligations recorded in your service management plan.

 Understand your risks and their impact on your services

Identify and monitor your organisation’s risks and determine their likelihood and potential impact with the Risk register. You can then put in place the necessary policies and procedures to mitigate the risks and ensure services continue.

 Meet your legal and contractual requirements

Record completion dates and ensure your documentation is kept up to date by adding review due dates with the Document Responsibilities Manager. You can also assign tasks and record once they’ve been approved.

Why choose IT Governance?

  • Our ITSM, ITIL® 4 & ISO 20000 Toolkit has been developed by industry experts, so you can be sure your documentation is accurate and fully compliant.
  • Speed up your documentation process by adding your company logo and customising roles to automate input of common fields. 
  • Easily track and record progress for stakeholders.
  • Trust the experts and shop with confidence like the 9,000 organisations that are already using our toolkits..
Course details

ITSM, ITIL® 4 & ISO 20000 Toolkit contents

Top-level documents

Section 1 – Blank templates

 Section 2 – Project tools

Section 3 – Concepts and Terms

Section 4 – Context of Organisation

Section 5 – Leadership

Section 6 – Planning

Section 7 – Support

Section 8 – Operation of the Service Management System

Section 9 – Performance Evaluation

Section 10 – Improvement

Section 11 – ITIL Support

Technical information

Technical Specifications

  • This toolkit is available for immediate download. After purchasing, you will receive an email with a download link
  • We provide a free 12-month update service*, ensuring that you get all recent updates with any improvements and changes that we make. Your feedback is vital to the development of our toolkits, as is the consultant and client work we do, so please get in touch and let us know if you find that there is room for improvement
  • We provide an unlimited drafting support service. Unlimited drafting support entails help setting up, customising and using the templates, including help interpreting the document structure
  • Drafting support does not extend to consultancy and implementation advice, as the toolkit is a project resource, not an out-of-the-box solution. Documentation toolkits, like a standard or regulation, are designed to be used by organisations of all types and sizes. Organisations may need to develop specific content relevant to their internal processes and activities
  • This toolkit is compatible with Office 2016, 2013, 2010. If you use one of these Office versions on a MAC, or are using an older version of Office, please contact us

* Updates based on new editions of a Standard or Regulation are not included.


What is a documentation toolkit?

Most management systems, compliance and certification projects require documented policies, procedures and work instructions. ITGP toolkits are a comprehensive resource, designed and field-tested to meet specific documentation requirements.

A toolkit is a collection of customizable templates written by industry experts to help you produce documentation that meets the requirements of your chosen management system standard, compliance or certification project.

Why would I want a documentation toolkit?

Our documentation toolkits are designed to minimize the time and money that an organization spends writing and developing the documents themselves.

Can I see more sample documents before purchasing?

We would be more than happy to help with that. Please contact us at with the document that you would like to view. All documents can be found in the contents list.

Why are there square brackets found in the sample documents?

These square brackets represent content that has been removed for sample purposes. Once purchased, you will see the full content.

Can I print and edit the sample documents?

No, the sample documents contained in this trial cannot be printed or amended. If you purchase the full toolkit you will be able to customize the documents and print as necessary.

Will it work in my organization?

Our documentation toolkits are suitable for organizations of any type or size, whether they are in the public or private sector, and contain the necessary documentation templates and tools for your implementation project. While some document templates may not initially be relevant within the scope of your project, they may prove valuable over time as your business grows.

Is the toolkit a software product that I need to install?

No, it is not a software product that you need to install. However, the documents use a certified macro that enables you to set document classification levels and to quickly fill in certain repetitive fields throughout the documentation templates, such as your company logo, name and address. Our code has a signed certificate verifying that we are the publishers.

Will the macros work on my Mac or older versions of Word?

No, the macros we have created do not work under these versions. The macros allow you to populate relevant fields in the documentation with your business details. The issue between the two versions of Office (running on Windows vs running on Mac) is that the Office VBA module and content controls supported on Windows PC are not supported by Office on Mac, and our templates have been built in a Windows Office environment using such features. 

The toolkit will still function on a Mac or with older versions of Office, but repetitive fields that would have been completed by the macro will not be populated and will have to be completed manually.

If you have a Mac or an older version of Word, please contact us and we can send you the relevant toolkit. Please email us at or call +877 317-3454.

Can we use the toolkit for multiple companies?

Our copyright notice does not allow for this. You can only use the toolkit once per organization. If you require more than one toolkit, for example if you are a consultant, please get in touch to discuss copyright terms and discounts for multiple purchases. 

Can I buy only specific documents?

Yes! You can find out more information on individual templates here. Or alternatively look at our Build Your Own Toolkit service.

What payment methods can I use to purchase the toolkit?

You can purchase our toolkits straight from our secure payment platform, but we do have alternative options. Please contact us at or call +877 317-3454 if you would like to use an alternative payment method.

Can I purchase more than one toolkit?

Of course! We have no restrictions on how many toolkits can be purchased at a time. Some of our toolkits can be integrated with each other through bolt-ons. Please let us know if you would like further information.

Can I speak to someone if I have any queries?

Absolutely. You can speak to our friendly team who are always happy to help. You can contact them at or call +877 317-3454.

Are the toolkits fit to use ‘straight out of the box’?

Toolkits are not an out-of-the-box solution for your project, so you will need to do more than ‘fill in the blanks’. Our documentation toolkits provide a framework for documenting your project, with content and guidance written by experts. You will need to ensure the templates are edited to truly reflect the nature of your business and the environment within which it operates.

Compliance, management systems and certification projects are complex and require a lot more work than just documentation, and this should be considered when purchasing a toolkit.

Do you offer refunds and returns?

As documentation toolkits cannot be physically returned, we are unable to offer refunds. Please check that your chosen format is suitable for your computer environment before completing your purchase.

For more information, please see our terms and conditions. If you have any concerns, please contact us at

For further information, or for help post-purchase, please visit our FAQs page.

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1. on 6/20/2017, said:
4 stars out of 5
The toolkit is really comprehensive (at least the most comprehensive toolkit in that price range) and it gave us opportunity to better understand the scope and what is needed for implementation of ITIL processes.
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