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IT Law - An ISEB Foundation

IT Law - An ISEB Foundation

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Authors: John Antell, Jonathan Exell, Vivian Picton
Publishers: British Computer Society
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9781902505800
ISBN10: 1902505808
Published: 01 Nov 2007
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The only official textbook for those taking the ISEB Foundation Certificate in IT Law, this book covers the main aspects of English law that apply to IT.

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A BCS guide to English IT law based on the ISEB IT Law essentials course

In our increasingly digital society, information technology law has an ever-widening impact for all IT professionals. Not only do you need to know the technology, you also need to be aware of how the law applies to that technology. Designed to accompany the ISEB IT Law Essentials course, IT Law: an ISEB Foundation provides an overview of the main legal topics the IT professional will come up against.

This invaluable guide gives a thorough introduction to corporate governance, data protection, computer misuse, digital rights management and intellectual property law. If you are studying for the ISEB Foundation Certificate in IT Law or if you just want a digest of the subject, IT Law: An ISEB Foundation will suit your needs.


1. Contract LawJon Fell
1.1 Contract law essentials
1.2 Common terms
1.3 Letters of Intent
1.4 IT specific issues
1.5 Anatomy of main IT agreements

2. PrivacyAdrian Roberts-Walsh
2.1 Introduction: privacy, anonymity and identity
2.2 Data protection legislation
2.3 Freedom of Information Act 2000
2.4 The Environment Information Regulations 2004
2.5 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
2.6 The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations (SI 2003/2426)
2.7 Indirect protection of privacy
2.8 Recent legislative developments
2.9 Non-statutory privacy regulation: commercial regulation

3. EvidenceLouise Townsend
3.1 Basic concepts
3.2 Digital evidence
3.3 Admissibility, weight and credibility
3.4 Retention, deletion and retrieval
3.5 Electronic signatures

4. Intellectual PropertyJonathan Exell
4.1 Overview of IPR
4.2 First ownership of IPR
4.3 Licensing and assignment
4.4 Infringement
4.5 IPR and the Internet
4.6 Enforcement

5. EmploymentJohn Antell
5.1 Contractual and statutory rights
5.2 Duties of the employer to the employee
5.3 Duties of the employee to the employer
5.4 Outsourcing
5.5 Liability of the employer to third parties for the worker’s actions
5.6 Dealing with examination questions: the four steps

6. Accessibility and Information SecurityVivian Picton
6.1 Web accessibility
6.2 Regulation
6.3 Information security
6.4 Introduction to BS7799/ISO17799

About the authors

The authors are specialists in IT and related Law and helped produce the syllabus for the ISEB Foundation Certificate in IT Law.

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