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GDPR: Email Misuse Staff Awareness Course – LMS SCORM Package

GDPR: Email Misuse Staff Awareness Course – LMS SCORM Package

SKU: 5686
Format: LMS SCORM Package
  • A SCORM-compliant GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) email misuse course that you can easily upload to your own LMS (learning management system)
  • Mitigate your risk of a data breach or GDPR violation by educating employees on the risks of using email, and when to use the To, Cc (carbon copy) and Bcc (blind carbon copy) fields
  • Comply with Article 5(1)(f) of the GDPR to ensure appropriate security of personal data
  • Prevent misuse or unauthorized processing of personal data by embedding a culture of security awareness throughout your organization
  • Highlight the financial and reputational damage caused by data breaches.

This is a subscription product that you can cancel at any time (T&Cs apply).

Price: $4,900.00

What’s covered in the GDPR: Email Misuse Staff Awareness course?

  • What are Cc and Bcc?
  • Examples of Cc and Bcc in use
  • Why is it important to understand Cc and Bcc?
  • What is autocomplete and why is it important?
  • Legal and business risks
  • What happens if you misuse email?
  • Case studies
  • Understanding what you are emailing

Watch our short video for an overview of the GDPR: Email Misuse course!


Why is staff awareness important? 

 Empower your staff

Educate employees so they can implement best practice. 

 Protect your brand and data assets 

Avoid data breaches by training your staff so they can actively help mitigate the risks. 

 Reinforce awareness

Refresh employee understanding as part of a regular staff awareness programme with this annual licence.

 Demonstrate your commitment to security

Ensure staff receive appropriate awareness training and everyone has the same level and quality of training.

Why choose IT Governance?

  • SCORM-compliant courses developed by our in-house instructional design team.
  • Shop with confidence – more than 1,000 organizations use our e-learning courses, and we’ve trained more than 100,000 professionals.
  • Our staff awareness training is developed by industry experts, so you can be safe in the knowledge the content is accurate and up to date.
  • Guaranteed results – track progress and run reports on completion for auditing purposes.
  • Fast, easy deployment that’s compatible with your LMS.
  • Flexible payment with annual renewals. Our e-learning team is on hand to support and guide you throughout deployment.
Key features

Host on your own LMS

This package allows you to upload our course to your own LMS, reducing the overall cost of delivering training.

Engaging course contents

The course offers informative, engaging content and activities.

Short duration

At just 10 minutes long, our e-learning is ideal for initial and repeat engagement.

Test staff understanding

The assessment includes 10 randomly selected multiple-choice questions.

Retake as many times as you need

The assessment can be retaken as many times as needed until the pass mark has been achieved.

Audit trail

Track participation and test results to demonstrate compliance should you be audited.

Unlimited users

Once uploaded to your LMS, you can assign the course to as many users as necessary.

Annual license

This is a one-year, renewable license.


GRC eLearning

Our SCORM packages are available for you to download from our sister company GRC eLearning Ltd. GRC eLearning specializes in cyber security and data protection e-learning solutions and offers customization, bespoke solutions and free trials.

How will this SCORM package be fulfilled?

After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions about the next steps to fulfil your order. Once we have received the required information from you, we will send you a link to download the .zip file in the format of a SCORM 1.2 (HTML5) package that can be uploaded to your LMS.

Annual renewal

The SCORM package has a 12-month expiry date from the point of purchase and will need to be renewed annually for ongoing access to the course.

Need further information?

Check our FAQs page for more information about our SCORM packages.

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