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GDPR contract and legal services

GDPR contract and legal services

SKU: 5006
Format: Consultancy
Published: 25 Jul 2018

Get expert support to create GDPR-compliant data protection policies, supplier contracts, and international data transfer agreements. The specialist privacy and legal team will draft, review, or update the documents required to comply with the Regulation.

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GDPR contract and legal support

Reviewing and updating data protection documentation and commercial agreements to align with the GDPR can be significant, time consuming, and legally complex.

You will need to:

  • Increase the amount of information you need to include in your privacy notices. The notices must also be clear, concise, and intelligible
  • Review and update your privacy, data retention, and information security policies. In some cases, you may need to create new policies
  • Update or include new data protection clauses in your contracts with suppliers, customers and employees; and
  • Ensure where you transfer personal data outside the EEA, the appropriate legal provisions are in place, such as model contract clauses

Our specialist legal and privacy team can provide your organization with the following GDPR contract and legal support:


Privacy notices and policies

  • Review, draft, and update privacy notices in alignment with the GDPR
  • Review, draft, and update compliance policies (privacy, data retention, and information security) in alignment with the GDPR

HR documentation

  • Review and update the staff handbook in alignment with the GDPR

Commercial contracts

  • Review, draft, and update contracts with suppliers, customers and, employees in alignment with the GDPR

International data transfers

  • Review, draft, and update EU model clauses in alignment with the GDPR
  • Review, draft, and update BCRs (binding corporate rules) in alignment with the GDPR
  • Manage BCRs registrations with supervisory authorities

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