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CMMC Gap Analysis | IT Governance USA

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Gap Analysis

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Authors: IT Governance
Format: Consultancy
Published: 11 Nov 2020

A specialist, in-person review of your current cybersecurity posture against the requirements of the CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification).

This service will give you a true picture of your CMMC compliance gap, and expert advice on how to scope your project and establish project requirements tailored to what certification level your business is attempting to reach.

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The CMMC Gap Analysis is essential for all U.S. Department of Defense contractors and subcontractors.

All contracts will soon specify a CMMC level: 1 to 5. Without a gap analysis, it will be impossible to know what adjustments your organization needs to make to its information security practices in order to comply with the CMMC level specified in your contract.

Understand your CMMC compliance position

An experienced consultant will assess your organization’s current information security posture against various existing standards, including NIST 800-171 and ISO 27001. We will then provide a detailed breakdown of your compliance status and an action plan that sets out and prioritizes key issues your organization must address to be compliant with the specified CMMC level.

Why get a CMMC Gap Analysis?

The CMMC Gap Analysis is an essential step in ensuring your organization is compliant with the required CMMC level.

With 171 controls spread over 5 levels, it is important to understand your organization’s compliance gaps, as the CMMC will increasingly appear as a legal requirement for all potential contractors to the U.S. Department of Defense supply chain.

Our CMMC Gap Analysis ensures that your time and effort are focused on the right areas.

Why choose us?

  • We have an in-depth understanding of CMMC requirements and how they should be met
  • Our specialist team has extensive experience in data protection, policy management, information security, and controls implementation
  • Our transparent proposals are fixed price, so you won’t get any surprises
  • You will have access to a dedicated account manager throughout the project
  • You will receive a high-level remediation plan to plot your route to CMMC compliance

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