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Coronavirus Phishing Attack Simulation

Coronavirus Phishing Attack Simulation

SKU: 5542
Authors: ITG
Format: 1 simulation
Availability: Available
  • Test how your staff respond to coronavirus-based phishing attacks with a simulated and controlled attack.
  • Targets IT users of your choice.
  • Carefully designed and non-destructive.
  • Identifies in detail how vulnerable your organisation is to phishing attacks.

 COVID-19: remote delivery options

We would like to reassure our clients that all training and consultancy services will go ahead as scheduled during the COVID-19 situation. As a company that fully embraces flexible and remote working, we are adjusting our delivery methods to allow us to provide consultancy services, penetration tests and training remotely where necessary. Please also refer to our COVID-19 policy.

Price: $3,500.00

Test how your staff respond to coronavirus-based phishing attacks

This simulated attack will enable you to see how vulnerable your organisation is to phishing attacks – particularly those related to coronavirus – and will include a detailed report on how to address the issues found.

This controlled attack includes:

  • A consultation to determine the extent of the phishing simulation.
  • A scoping plan to target IT users of your choice, whether based at home or in the office.
  • The simulated phishing attack.
  • A report including full analysis of your vulnerabilities.

  See the full service description here.

Coronavirus and phishing

Phishing attacks are quick and easy to implement and deliver an enormous return on investment, which motivate criminals to craft increasingly sophisticated and creative phishing ‘lures’. Malicious attackers are now sending phishing emails and creating fake sites that play on fears related to coronavirus (COVID-19). IT Governance’s testing service offers the chance to assess how your staff respond to these attacks.

This will be carried out in a controlled manner so it does not affect your business in these troubling times. The test will be delivered remotely and can be applied to both staff in the office and those working remotely.

The service applies to organisations with up to 250 staff. It can be delivered to organizations in any sector or industry.

Why choose us?

  • Simulated phishing attacks should only be carried out by experienced consultants with the necessary technical skill set and qualifications. Our consultants have strong technical knowledge and a proven track record in finding security vulnerabilities. They can carry out exploits in a safe manner and advise on appropriate mitigation measures to ensure that your systems are secure.
  • Our CREST-certified testing team will provide you with clarity, technical expertise and peace of mind knowing that your employees’ susceptibility to phishing lures has been assessed by experienced social engineering penetration testers in line with your business requirements.

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