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California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Gap Analysis

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Gap Analysis

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Format: Consultancy
Published: 12 Jun 2019
Availability: Available now

The CCPA gap analysis service assesses your organization’s current level of compliance with the Statute and helps identify and prioritize the key work areas that your organization must address to be compliant.

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for yesterday's course. You brought us the course materials in a very professional and interesting way, with many examples that illustrates the implementation. No doubt that you have a lot of experience and it was very kind of you to share it with us. This is the 4th course I am taking with IT governance (2 online and 2 classroom) and I'm very satisfied." - Gil Rukenstain, Cyber-Ex

Call our data privacy team today on +1 877 317 3454 or email us  to discuss your CCPA project requirements. 

Price: $5,100.00

Understand your CCPA compliance position 

You will be assigned a CCPA consultant who will assess your organization’s privacy management and data protection practices through an on-site review of the following areas:  

  1. Governance 
  2. Risk management  
  3. CCPA project  
  4. Information security responsibility  
  5. Roles and responsibilities  
  6. Scope of compliance 
  7. Process analysis  
  8. Personal information management system  
  9. Information security management system (ISMS)  
  10. Rights of consumers 

The on-site review will last up to two days

Download the service description for more information >>

CCPA compliance report 

We will provide a detailed breakdown by area of your compliance status, and an action plan that sets out and prioritizes the key issues that your organization must address to comply with the law. 

Why choose us? 

  • We have an in-depth understanding of the CCPA requirements and how they should be met.
  • We provide a complete compliance support service to help organizations. 
  • Our specialist team has extensive data protection and information security management project expertise. 
  • Our transparent proposals are fixed price, so you won’t get any unexpected surprises. 
  • You will have access to a dedicated account manager throughout the project.  

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