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Cyber Resilience Guidance Standards Bundle

Cyber Resilience Guidance Standards Kit

SKU: 4401
Publishers: BSI and ISO/IEC
Format: Hardcopy
Published: 15 Jan 2014
Availability: In Stock
Format: PDF
Published: 15 Jan 2014
Availability: Immediately Available
Price: $581.00


The standards in the Cyber Resilience Guidance Standards Kit provide expert guidance on cybersecurity and business continuity. These standards will help you build on the guidance of the standards in the Cyber Resilience Core Standards Kit

The standards included in this kit are:

  • PAS 555:2013: This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) document from BSI details what good cybersecurity looks like
  • ISO/IEC 27031:2011: ISO/IEC 27031 outlines processes that will help you prevent, detect and manage IT incidents
  • ISO/IEC 27032:2012: Provides guidance on improving the state of cybersecurity

Why should I buy this kit?

If you have purchased the standards in the Cyber Resilience Core Standards Kit and want to get more expert guidance on ensuring the continuity of your organiZation in case of a cybersecurity incident, the standards in this kit are key.

Please Note: We supply, interchangeably, the British and other national adoptions of these standards, which all contain exactly the same content.

Purchase and use of the PDF versions of these standards is subject to this EULA and BSI's copyright terms and conditions.

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