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Free Download: Cyber Resilience: Cyber Security and Business Resilience

Cyber attacks are increasing in frequency and severity to such an extent that it’s no longer enough to suppose that you can defend against every potential attack: statistics suggest that it is inevitable that your organization will suffer a data breach.

Traditional cybersecurity is therefore no longer enough: it is an organization’s resilience to security breaches that will become a critical survival trait in the future. This free green paper from IT Governance explains how to prepare for the worst.



  • Why cybersecurity is not enough

  • How cyber resilience will enable your organization to counter the risks it faces

  • How to align security with business objectives

  • The correlation between security expenditure and safety

  • A standards-based approach to cyber resilience, using ISO 27001, ISO 22301, and others

  • An effective seven-step cybersecurity strategy



A report by ISACA found that 88% of US IT professionals believe cyber attacks are among the three biggest threats facing organizations today.

Organizations need to combine cybersecurity with business resilience to be cyber resilient.


Download Your Free Cyber Resilience: Cyber Security and Business Resilience Green Paper Today!