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Webinar: Penetration Testing for Supply Chains and the Role of the MSP

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, prioritizing supply chain security is essential to shield your organization from potential threats and vulnerabilities. Going beyond a tick-box evaluation of suppliers, it is crucial to thoroughly assess their cybersecurity practices and dedication to upholding security standards.

By incorporating penetration testing and collaborating with MSPs (managed service providers), you can elevate the resilience of your supply chain’s security measures beyond the ordinary. Penetration testing provides a systematic approach to identifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the supply chain, while MSPs contribute their expertise in continual monitoring and robust security protocols to enhance your overall supply chain protection.

Webinar Agenda

  • The importance of addressing supply chain vulnerabilities
  • Common security challenges and questions to ask when evaluating supply chain security
  • Real-world examples of supply chain breaches and their impact
  • The critical role of MSPs in supply chain security
  • How to ensure you carry out effective supply chain penetration tests
  • Analyzing real-world examples and guidance on penetrating testing


James Pickard
Head of Security Testing at IT Governance

James is an expert penetration tester. He is particularly interested in enrapture testing and authorization bypass techniques. James has more than ten years’ experience leading and performing penetration tests for clients in a multitude of industries all over the world, and has been managing our penetration testing team since 2018. 

Leon Teale
Senior Penetration Tester at IT Governance

Leon is an expert penetration tester who has more than ten years’ experience performing penetration tests for clients in a multitude of industries all over the world. He also has extensive practical experience in system administration and security engineering.

Leon is particularly interested in social engineering, breakout assessments, and internal network testing. His core testing competencies are infrastructure; OSINT (open-source intelligence); social engineering; desktop, console, and kiosk breakout; and the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Leon takes part in conferences, events, and scoping calls, providing insight and valuable guidance. 

He has previously won hackathon events in the UK and internationally, is accredited for multiple bug bounties, and has featured in various articles relating to cybersecurity.

Hosted by

Sophie Sayer
Sales Director and Head of Channel at IT Governance

Sophie Brings nearly 15 years of experience within the Group. With a proven track record, she plays a pivotal role in steering our channel partner operations. Her unwavering commitment and experience are instrumental in guiding channel partners on their cybersecurity journey.

Jason Douglas
Global Head of Channel Sales at IT Governance

Jason is dedicated to expanding our global channel partners network. His unwavering commitment lies in strengthening our channel partner program and providing support as our partners navigate their cybersecurity journey.

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