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Free PDF download: Business Impact Analysis – Step by step

In an increasingly competitive business world and faced with rapidly diversifying threats – some of which can have international impact, as demonstrated by COVID-19 or the 2021 Suez Canal obstruction – business continuity management is a critical competence. 

Whatever the circumstances, an organization must be able to rely on a few constants, including that key activities and resources will be available and reliable. Business continuity management is the discipline dedicated to making sure the organization can continue to function in the face of adversity, in which BIA (business impact analysis) plays a key role. 

Download this paper now to discover: 

  • Exactly what BIA is – and what it isn’t 
  • Where BIA fits within your overall recovery strategy 
  • Our six-step approach to conducting a BIA, including how to:
    • Identify relevant business activities 
    • Analyze impact over time 
    • Determine recovery priorities 
Free PDF download: Business Impact Analysis – Step by step 
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