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IT Governance Hosts World's First ISO27001 2013 Tranistion Webinar


ISO27001:2013 Transition Masterclass Webinar with Steve Watkins

More than 300 professionals from around the globe tuned in last week to the world’s first ISO27001:2013 Transition webinar to find out what the changes to ISO27001 pose for their organisations and their certification journeys.

Due to the overwhelming response and the number of questions that Steve was unable to answer in the limited allocated time, IT Governance will be hosting yet another live webinar with Steve.

What do the various changes to the newly released version of ISO27001 have in store for you, your business and your certification process?

Get first-hand advice and guidance from the UKAS advisor on ISO27001:2013.

Session date:
Tuesday 22nd October 2013


Starting time:
11:00 EST (16:00 GMT)


1 hour


Steve Watkins



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ISO27001:2013 has just been released and many questions prevail about the key differences between ISO27001:2005 and the new 2013 standard.

At the back of the global release of ISO27001:2013, Steve, who is the Chair of the ISO27001 user group and UKAS advisor on ISO27001 will offer guidance and answer questions about the standard’s latest changes and requirements.

IT Governance, the world’s leading provider of ISO27001 publications, products, training and consultancy, offers you this unique opportunity to attend a worldwide release of this free Transition Masterclass, which will cover the following key issues:

  1. Which key requirements have changed, and what do they mean for your business?
    • Creating and mapping information security controls
    • Risk assessment procedures
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Continuous improvement processes
    • Integration with your management framework
  1. How has the standard been transformed to take a less onerous and integrated approach?
  1. How will accreditation work?
  2. Can you embark on a transition straight-away or should you continue with your current certification process?

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Steve G Watkins
Director, Training and Consultancy

Steve leads the consultancy and training services of IT Governance. He is Chair of the ISO/IEC 27001 User Group, the UK Chapter of the ISMS International User Group, and an ISMS Technical Assessor for UKAS, advising on their assessments of certification bodies offering accredited certification. Steve sits on the IST/33 committee responsible for the UK’s contributions to the revisions of the ISO2700x series of standards and RM/1, the committee responsible for BS31100, the British Standard for Risk Management and the UK’s contributions to ISO 31000. Steve is also co-author (with Alan Calder) of the definitive compliance guide, ‘IT Governance: An International Guide to Data Security and ISO27001/ISO27002’.

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