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Develop your soft skills

It takes more than just technical ability to build a great team.

IT Governance offers one of the widest ranges of soft skills books for IT managers anywhere on the Internet. We have written and sourced books that will help managers develop the skills needed to progress and be successful at work, including:

The following books available from the IT Governance Web Store will enable you to get the best from yourself and your team and to transform your colleagues from a collection of individuals into a tight, effective business unit.

Teamwork books

Coaching books

Time Management books

  • Essential Time Management and Organization: A Pocket Guide
    Do you struggle to get everything done in the time you have available? Today’s working environment moves at a very fast pace and at times it can be difficult to keep up. This book will help you transform the way you work and regain control of your working day.

Communication and presentation skills books

  • Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals: Achieving Excellence
    Do you dread presentations? The ability to present articulately to customers, management, peers, and others can significantly enhance your credibility and professional status. Delivering presentations at work or professional events is an unbeatable way to gain a reputation as a valued employee and an expert in your field. This book gives you invaluable tips on how to make your presentation clear and accessible, how to interact with your audience, and how to retain their interest while keeping your anxiety under control.
  • Changing the IT Leader’s Mindset: Time for revolution rather than evolution
    By employing key steps and reflective points, this book provides useful tools and sound advice to help you get to grips with balancing soft skills with hard techniques, letting you break out of the IT stereotype and bring innovation into the inner sanctum of your organization.

Change Management

  • Changing how you Manage and Communicate Change: Focusing on the human side of change
    Manage inevitable changes within your organization to their best advantage; fine-tune your management skills by gaining a better understanding of your own reactions to change as well as those of users, customers, suppliers, and employees; discover what’s unique about your business and why a one-size-fits-all change management approach simply doesn’t work; learn how to help people to cope with change more positively and effectively.
  • Business Transformation Toolkit
    Enforcing a business change is a mammoth task. This toolkit guides organizations in implementing change, providing expert documentation in the form of processes and procedures, forms, records, and checklists. It will provide you and your organization with a structured approach by helping you put into place a detailed and effective documentation system to your businesses change, also helping you to maintain and monitor the transformation.

Management and leadership skills

  • The Effective Manager: Management skills for high performance
    This book will help you develop your management skills. It is designed to assist you in understanding the characteristics of a high-performance manager, to help you assess where your strengths and development areas lie as a manager, and to create a plan of action for realizing your management potential.
  • Leading for Success: Unleash your leadership potential to achieve extraordinary results
    IT is no longer merely a back-office function. People in IT are now being called on to drive through improvements in the wider operations of their business. Both as agents and enablers of change, IT professionals need to develop communication skills so that they can cooperate with the other departments of their organization. This book is intended to help IT professionals develop their leadership skills.
  • Coping with Unplanned Absences: A Pocket Guide
    This pocket guide, based on best practice guidelines, looks at what you can do to ensure your employees fulfil their obligations and turn up to work as required. It then gets to grips with the question of how your organization should handle unplanned absences before and when they arise. While you may not be able to prevent unplanned absence altogether, the advice contained in this guide will help you to keep the extra costs and disruption associated with unplanned absence to a minimum.

IT Service Management

  • No One of Us is as Strong as All of Us: Services, catalogs and portfolios
    This innovative fictionalized narrative builds on the real-life experiences of ITIL® practitioners and the daily ITSM challenges they encounter. The narrative style of the book will help readers understand resistance to change and the lack of empathy that exists between IT and the business it supports. It illustrates through dialog the discovery of the value of ITIL processes and is an ideal book for newly trained ITIL practitioners, making for a great team discussion tool.
  • The ITSM Iron Triangle: Incidents, changes and problems
    This innovative work of fiction demonstrates how ITIL® best practice can ensure the success of your IT process implementation projects. It is based on real-life, up-to-date situations and offers vital strategies to implement the most important aspects of ITIL into your business and to tailor them to your organization’s particular needs.