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The ISO 27001 Expertise Bundle

The ISO 27001 Expertise Bundle

SKU: 4763
Authors: Alan Calder, Michael Krausz, John Walker
Publishers: ITGP
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9781849289740
ISBN10: 1849289740
Published: 17 Mar 2016
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Get all the essential resources from ISO 27001 experts to develop your understanding of the Standard and help gain buy-in with this cost-effective bundle, which includes:

  • A must-have guide for presenting the compelling business case for ISO 27001 investment
  • A pocket guide to understand the possible breach scenarios your organisation could face and the true costs involved
  • An indispensable book to equip you with the sales skills you need to persuade the board to invest in information security
  • An expert guide to help you get to grips with the Standard and make your ISO 27001 implementation project a success

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Barriers to ISO 27001 implementation include insufficient resources and the failure of organizations’ executive teams to grasp the extent of information security risks.

A successful ISO 27001 information security management system (ISMS) project relies on genuine commitment and support from top management. With it, your project will get the financial and human resources it needs, and the ISMS will be aligned with the organization’s strategic goals.

This cost-effective bundle provides you with the essential resources and skills you need to convince the board to invest in ISO 27001, along with the first steps to take once you have gained approval.

It will give you a comprehensive understanding of the Standard, including ISO 27001 requirements and best practice, and provide you with expert guidance on starting your implementation project.

This bundle includes:

The Case for ISO27001:2013

With essential information from ISO 27001 expert Alan Calder, learn how to present the compelling business case for ISO 27001 and understand how your organization can:

  • Fight cyber crime
  • Combat cyber terror
  • Boost its corporate governance

The True Cost of Information Security Breaches and Cyber Crime

Using case studies to illustrate possible breach scenarios that an organisation can face, this pocket guide:

  • Sets out a realistic assessment of the actual costs of a data or information breach
  • Explains how managers can determine the business damage caused

Selling Information Security to the Board - A Primer

This guide will equip you with the sales skills to persuade the board to commit money and resources to your information security initiatives. Understand:

  • Basic sales techniques to capture the attention of management and win them over
  • How to present yourself to ensure your proposal receives a proper hearing
  • How to earn management’s trust to show you are interested in supporting business success
  • How to craft a successful proposal that communicates your ideas effectively

Nine Steps to Success – An ISO27001:2013 Implementation Overview, North American edition

This must-have guide from ISO 27001 expert Alan Calder helps you get to grips with the Standard’s requirements to make your implementation project a success. Ideal for anyone tackling ISO 27001 implementation for the first time, it:

  • Details the key steps of an ISO 27001 project from inception to certification
  • Explains each element of the ISO 27001 project in simple, non-technical language

Kick-start your ISO 27001 implementation project today with this cost-effective bundle.

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