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The Business Continuity Expertise Bundle

The Business Continuity Expertise Bundle

SKU: 4761
Authors: Robert Clark, Tony Drewitt, Philip Wood
Publishers: ITGP
Format: Softcover
ISBN13: 9781849289733
ISBN10: 1849289733
Published: 08 Mar 2016
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75% of companies without a business continuity plan fail within three years. Use the books in this bundle to "think resilience" and make sure your organization isn’t one of them

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Prepare your organization for survival when faced with disaster

Learn from others’ mistakes with insightful case studies and understand how to put a business continuity plan in place that not only looks good on paper but that actually works in practice and will help your organization survive disaster.

Even better, follow the guidance in A Manager’s Guide to ISO22301 and create a certified BCMS reassuring your customers, staff, and investors that you take business continuity seriously.

This bundle includes:


Buy the Business Continuity Expertise Bundle today and start protecting your organization!


"This comprehensive research consistently portrays a set of common factors that precedes each disaster – poor management, a lack of proper planning and weak risk management practices. An eye-opener to all those executives that fail to understand the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery mechanisms."
"I found it excellently written and of great value. I guess this was expected based on the qualification and experience level of the author. The premise of the book is excellent as it focuses on the need to actually test a plan rather than just write and store it with no future revisions. The writing style is great and the huge range of examples given will be of great value to anyone purchasing the book. In summary very enjoyable, derived great value from it."
Chris Evans
"In Resilient Thinking, Phillip Wood shows the reader how to learn to recognize potential risks and threats, put cost-effective and workable plans into place and minimize the impact of an incident … Written in a highly informative and engaging manner, Resilient Thinking aims to revolutionize the reader’s approach to risk analysis and crisis management so that even if the worst does happen, they will be fully equipped to handle it."
Frank Edwards

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