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BS 31100 2011 Standard

BS 31100 2011 Standard

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Publishers: British Standards Institute
Format: Hardcopy
ISBN13: 9780580716072
ISBN10: 580716074
Published: 30 Jun 2011
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Format: PDF
ISBN13: 9780580716072
Published: 30 Jun 2011
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Advice and guidance on proportional risk management within organizations, using real life examples of risk management to explain how to develop, implement, and maintain effective risk management in your organization.

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BS 31100 (BS31100): The British Code of Practice for Risk Management & Guidance for ISO31000

BS 31100:2011 provides advice and guidance on developing, implementing and maintaining proportionate and effective risk management aligned with ISO 31000. The advice and guidance in BS 31100 is suitable for any organization.

BS 31100 gives practical and specific recommendations on how to put the key principles of effective risk management into place in your organization.

The information and guidance in BS 31100 will be of interest to anyone with responsibility for:

  • Ensuring risks are proactively managed in specific areas or activities
  • Overseeing risk management in an organization
  • Providing assurance on an organisation's risk management
  • Reporting to stakeholders, for example through disclosures in annual financial statements, corporate governance reports, or corporate social responsibility reports

Using the advice and guidance in BS 31100 you will enhance the likelihood of successfully achieving your organizational objectives. It will help you manage any project or organizational risk proportionately.

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