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Cybersecurity Resource Center

With the average cost of a data breach now at $6.5 million and with over 117,000 security incidents occurring globally every day, cybercrime is and always should be a top board priority.

The first step in tackling the cyber threat is understanding the problem.

At IT Governance, we understand that cybersecurity is a business issue, not just an IT one. With over a decade's experience delivering consultancy and training to organizations around the world, IT Governance is an acknowledged leader in best-practice information security management systems aligned to the international standard, ISO 27001. 

Browse our wide range of cybersecurity resources to understand the cyber threat, how your organization is affected, and what you can do to protect it.



New York Stock Exchange Cybersecurity Guide: Summaries

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has released a 355-page guide to cybersecurity (Navigating the Digital Age: The Definitive Cybersecurity Guide for Directors and Officers), spanning 46 chapters and offering expert and practical advice.

To help senior management, compliance managers, and implementers digest the guide, we have written concise summaries that condense the main guide into bite-size chunks and which offers hands-on instruction to start to improve your cybersecurity actions.



Chapter 16
Oversight of compliance and control responsibilities  



Chapter 15
Securing privacy and profit in the era of hyperconnectivity and big data  



Chapter 13
The CEO’s guide to driving better security by asking the right questions  




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To find out more about cybersecurity and the international cybersecurity standard, ISO 27001, download any of these free guides. Written by industry experts with practical knowledge of cybersecurity best practices within the business, these guides will help you better understand the cyber threat and what you can do to improve security within your organization.



Cybersecurity & ISO 27001: Addressing the cyber threat landscape  



Cybersecurity & ISO 27001: Implementation  



How ISO 27001 can help you comply with cybersecurity legislation in the United States



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Understand how US businesses can fight cybercrime, the important role ISO 27001 plays, and optimum business solutions for effective cybersecurity.