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Cybersecurity governance

An organization’s board is responsible (and accountable to stockholders, regulators, and customers) for the framework of standards, processes, and activities that, together, secure the organization against cyber risk.

All boards should be aware of the Cyber Threat Landscape and should understand what Advanced Persistent Threats are.

Want to know more about cybersecurity?

Across all the key segments and domains of cybersecurity, we can usually offer a solution and approach that suits your own organizational budget and culture. For more information, speak to one of our cyber security experts today.

Get started with your cybersecurity strategy

ISO 27001 Cybersecurity Documentation Toolkit

ISO 27001 Cybersecurity Documentation Toolkit

Use this toolkit to accelerate your ISO 27001 cybersecurity project and benefit from ready-to-use policies and procedures.

Designed and developed by industry experts and enhanced by ten years of customer feedback and continual improvement, the ISO 27001 Cybersecurity Toolkit provides all the mandatory and supporting documentation you need in order to streamline your ISO 27001 project.

Recovery & Continuity Plans

Cyber resilience is a crucial underlying cybersecurity philosophy. Sooner or later any cyber defense will be breached. Organizations need to develop cyber resilience, a continuum of tested processes that enable it to respond appropriately to incidents of all sizes, including those that escalate and threaten the survival of the organization itself.

Cybersecurity skills

Cybersecurity is an increasingly complex area. Organizations need either to employ staff who have adequate skills and knowledge or, recognizing that there is a global shortage of such skills, ensure that security staff acquire and maintain appropriate skills. IT Governance is the leading provider of certificated cybersecurity training services and is a unique cybersecurity learning pathway.

As an organization, we also offer a growing range of security products and solutions for securing content, including both encryption technologies and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies.