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Cybersecurity governance

An organization’s board is responsible (and accountable to stockholders, regulators, and customers) for the framework of standards, processes, and activities that, together, secure the organization against cyber risk.

We are the leading provider of information, books, products, and services that help boards develop, implement, and maintain a cybersecurity governance framework. In many cases, this involves deploying one or more cybersecurity management system standards.

All boards should be aware of the Cyber Threat Landscape and should understand what Advanced Persistent Threats are.

A Cyber Governance Health Check is a good starting point for identifying areas in which the board should act to improve its cyber risk management.

IT Governance is unique. Across all the key segments and domains of cybersecurity, we can usually offer a solution and approach that suits your own organizational budget and culture: we can provide cybersecurity consultancy services, and we have a comprehensive range of books and tools that will enable you to look after yourself. Whatever your preference, our unique mix of products and services means that we can serve you precisely.

Cybersecurity Strategy

Getting cyber secure should be based on a risk assessment and should address the key cybersecurity domains: people, process, technology, and compliance.

Risk Management

Cybersecurity risk assessments are the starting point for a cybersecurity strategy. Our cybersecurity consultants can carry out such an assessment for you, or you can go on a certificated course to learn how to do this yourself, and/or you can purchase a cybersecurity risk management toolkit.

Enterprise and Security Architecture

Increasingly, organizations deploy enterprise architecture frameworks to design their IT and security infrastructures so that they are aligned with and support their business architecture.

Security Audit, Intrusion Testing

Our cybersecurity consultancy services include auditing for the existence and effectiveness of cybersecurity controls. These audits are usually carried out against audit frameworks such as the ISO27002 controls and the 20 Critical Security Controls. We also offer a CREST-accredited IT Health Check and Penetration Testing service.

Regulation and Certification Controls

Regulatory compliance is a key aspect of effective cyber governance. Regulators are paying more attention to cyber breaches, while fines are increasingly onerous. Reputational damage from regulatory breaches can also be significant. Organizations may also have to maintain compliance with Code of Connection requirements, whether these are G-Cloud, PSN, IG Toolkit/N3, or Gambling Commission requirements.

Recovery & Continuity Plans

Cyber resilience is a crucial underlying cybersecurity philosophy. Sooner or later any cyber defense will be breached. Organizations need to develop cyber resilience, a continuum of tested processes that enable it to respond appropriately to incidents of all sizes, including those that escalate and threaten the survival of the organization itself.

Cybersecurity skills

Cybersecurity is an increasingly complex area. Organizations need either to employ staff who have adequate skills and knowledge or, recognizing that there is a global shortage of such skills, ensure that security staff acquire and maintain appropriate skills. IT Governance is the leading provider of certificated cybersecurity training services and is a unique cybersecurity learning pathway.

As an organization, we also offer a growing range of security products and solutions for securing content, including both encryption technologies and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technologies.