Yale sued again over 2008 data breach

Earlier this year, Yale University announced that from April 2008 to January 2009, the names, Social Security numbers, and birthdates of alumni, faculty members, and staff members were stolen from a Yale database. University email and physical addresses were also stolen in some instances. The breach wasn’t discovered until a decade later, in June 2018.

Following a lawsuit filed against Yale for the breach in August, a second lawsuit was filed against the university this month.

Second lawsuit details

The second lawsuit claims:

  • Yale did not properly handle the personal information and the data was sent to unauthorized people during the breach
  • The personal data compromised in the breach was deleted from servers in September 2011 because it was deemed unnecessary
  • In 2012, criminal hacker group NullCrew informed Yale it had obtained personal data by taking advantage of database security vulnerabilities

Significant data breaches

In recent years, the number of significant data breaches has risen exponentially. From universities to tech giants, no organization is immune.

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