Why do you need to roll out a staff awareness program?

People, processes and technology are the three building blocks of a strong cybersecurity strategy. However, people are often left out of the equation because they are not easy to manage and their behavior is hard to predict. Hence, many organizations prefer to focus their cybersecurity strategy on technical resources and tools (like firewalls and anti-malware software), and processes. But are people really so difficult to integrate into a cybersecurity strategy?

Develop an awareness program to engage your staff

An awareness program engages staff and makes them aware of their organization’s cybersecurity strategy. It should include training, tools, reading materials, and activities to make employees aware of the cyber threats their organization faces, and how they can help to minimize such risks.

A staff awareness program should be an ongoing activity that takes each employee from the induction process and through to the end of their time with the organization, delivering updates periodically or whenever needed, like in case of changes to the cybersecurity strategy that employees should be made aware of or in case of staff-related security incidents.

Reading and training materials to get started with your program

Our extensive tools and training materials are the ideal resources to get started with the program:

  • Training aids – Thought-provoking card games and posters will encourage reflection and debate on information and cybersecurity issues that affect your employees’ work.
  • Customized reading material – Personalized pocket guides and books with you own branding will put your whole staff on the same page.
  • sLearning courses – Comprehensive and engaging eLearning courses about information security, phishing, and compliance requirements will educate your staff about the latest risks and the best practices to follow.

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