US organizations: do you implement or adopt ITIL?

ITIL Publication Suite 2011I’ve noticed that the service management sectors in Europe and the US differ subtly in their use of terminology: while the term ‘adoption’ is predominantly used in Europe when referring to ITIL® projects, ‘implementation’ is widely used through America.

It should be remembered that ITIL is not a Standard but a best-practice framework. A Standard has specific requirements that you must meet. With a framework, however, you can choose which sections to use, and adapt them to your specific requirements. ITIL should therefore be adopted into organizations rather than implemented as a whole.

Using the correct terminology may seem like a trivial matter, but it can mean the difference between the success and failure of a project. Many organizations that attempt to ‘implement’ the whole of ITIL fail because they don’t take the time to select the parts that will be practical for them and tailor those parts according to their needs; they simply plough ahead trying to use all of ITIL unnecessarily.
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