US dominates the world in data breaches

The US has experienced the greatest number of data breaches in the world, accounting for 47.5% of all incidents in 2016. Furthermore, 68.2% of records exposed came from the US (2016 Data Breach Trends – Year In Review).

In fact, the US suffered 1,971 data breaches last year, with 2.9 billion records exposed. California alone accounted for 54.9% of the total records compromised, suffering 234 data breaches that exposed 2.3 billion records.

Businesses are a key target for cyber criminals

Some of the biggest US data breaches included Yahoo (over 1 billion customer details stolen by hackers, and an additional 500 million records compromised in a separate attack), FriendFinder Networks (412 million records), and MySpace (360 million user account records).

The business sector accounted for 51% of all reported breaches, followed by government (11.7%), medical (9.2%), and education (4.7%) sectors. Hacking continues to dominate as the leading breach type, accounting for 57% of all data breaches.

Businesses are a key target for cyber criminals because of the sensitive information they possess.

Boost your cybersecurity

We are increasingly seeing more and more organizations step up their cybersecurity efforts in a bid to halt attacks. For example, certification to ISO 27001, the internationally recognized cybersecurity standard, grew 78% over previous years (ISO Survey). Certification to ISO 27001 is a globally acknowledged and provides huge business benefits for organizations.

In order for your business to be cyber secure, you need to be able to demonstrate your compliance to ISO 27001. This means developing and maintaining policies and procedures.

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