US Department of Defense to create 3,000 cybersecurity jobs

Blow your colleagues away with your cybersecurity knowledgeA notice issued by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) on March 5 approved the creation of 3,000 Defense Department cybersecurity jobs, including in the US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) , which is “authorized to hire miscellaneous administrative and program (GS-0301) series when those positions require unique cybersecurity skills and knowledge.” USCYBERCOM is currently only half-staffed, according to Nextgov.

The positions will “require unique cybersecurity skills and knowledge to perform cyber risk and strategic analysis, incident handling and malware/vulnerability analysis, program management, distributed control systems security, cyber incident response, cyber exercise facilitation and management, cyber vulnerability detection and assessment, network and systems engineering, enterprise architecture, investigation, investigative analysis and cyber-related infrastructure inter-dependency analysis.”

Nextgov reports that the “pay scale for the new Defense positions starts at $42,399 and goes up to $132,122. Under the arrangement, the Pentagon can skip the process of rating applicants based on traditional competitive criteria. Instead, the department can offer jobs based on the candidate’s unique skills and knowledge. The special qualifications include the ability to analyze malware, respond to incidents, manage cyber fire drills and detect vulnerabilities, among other things.”

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