Top Highest Paying Cybersecurity Jobs (2023)

The cybersecurity sector is one of the most attractive job markets worldwide, with professionals earning a sizeable average salary in a range of positions.

It also offers plenty of room for growth, while many consider it to be rewarding work – protecting people’s sensitive data and preventing cybercrime.

Moreover, there has never been a bigger demand for qualified experts. Unlike many other industries, which are facing the economic consequences of inflation and the continued effects of the pandemic, the cybersecurity sector is more important now than ever.

Whether you’re looking to begin your career in the industry or take your expertise to the next level, there is plenty to be excited about.

In this article, we look at some of the most lucrative positions in the industry to help you see where your qualifications and professional experience might take you.

Chief Information Security Officer

The CISO (chief information security officer) is the most important person in any organization’s cybersecurity team.

They manage and oversee the organization’s overall security practices. This can include top-level planning regarding policy decisions, which the CISO will discuss with other members of the C-suite, as well as the company’s philosophy regarding threat management.

Meanwhile, the CISO often plays a hands-on role with the rest of the information security team. As such, they should be a good leader with practical experience and strong communication skills.

What experience do you need?

A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is typical for anyone in a senior cybersecurity position, such as CISO, although it is not always essential.

What’s more important is that they have a long, successful career in the industry, including a senior position that involves management.

A potential CISO must be able to demonstrate their knowledge of practical issues as well as relevant regulatory concerns.

They should also have strong interpersonal skills, and convince communicate well with both the information security team and senior personnel from other departments.

What is the salary?

The salary for a CISO can vary greatly, with the organization’s size and the sophistication of its information security practices being the most influential factor.

However, the baseline should be well in excess of $200,000 – with stating that the median salary is $238,428, while some earn over $300,000.

Meanwhile, Glassdoor estimates that CISOs make close to $290,000 per year on average, and Cybersecurity Jobs puts that figure at just over $230,000.

Cybersecurity Architect

Cybersecurity architects are senior members of the information security team who are responsible for planning, designing, testing, implementing, and maintaining an organization’s computer and network infrastructure.

The role requires a thorough understanding of the organization’s business and a comprehensive knowledge of the technologies they use as part of the job.

What experience do you need?

This is another high-level position within an organization, and will require ongoing communication with C-level executives such as the CISO. As such, the individual should have experience in a diverse range fields.

A cybersecurity analyst must be capable of reviewing and installing technology, testing security systems, and writing code.

They should also demonstrate their ability to supervise and guide the cybersecurity team, while also communicating effectively with upper management.

What is the salary?

Unlike other senior cybersecurity positions, cybersecurity analysts have a more defined set of roles and responsibilities.

As such, there is a greater consensus regarding their expected salary, with CyberSeek finding that the average pay of a cybersecurity analyst is over $107,000.

Meanwhile, ZipRecruiter reports that salaries can range from $105,000 to $253,000, although the top end of that range is often reserved for Senior Cybersecurity Architects.

Cybersecurity Consultant

As the job title suggests, cybersecurity consultants probe an organization’s systems to identify strengths and weaknesses.

They then use that analysis to give advice on improving their cybersecurity posture, which could vary from implementing new technologies to updating policies.

Cybersecurity consultants might work for a single organization, or for several organizations via a consulting firm or as a solo practitioner.

What experience do you need?

Cybersecurity consultants are typically professionals who have worked in many different parts of industry, giving them a broad understanding of the challenges that organizations face.

A relevant degree, such as one in computer science, is usually helpful but it isn’t essential. Hiring managers are more interested in professional certifications – such as CISSP – and on-the-job experience.

What is the salary?

According to ZipRecuiter, top earners in the cybersecurity consultant field can make as much as $166,500 per year, with the median salary being over $122,000. reports similar data, with a median salary of £123,568 and the highest earners making more than $170,000.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity engineers, sometimes also known as information security engineers, identify and fix threats and vulnerabilities in an organization’s systems.

They are primarily responsible for safeguarding computer networks and systems. They plan and establish security measures, and they usually work alongside the CISO or other senior personnel.

What experience do you need?

Cybersecurity engineers usually have a bachelor’s degree in a computing subject, such as computer systems engineering, cybersecurity, or computer science.

But as with most other high-end jobs in the industry, industry qualifications and on-the-job experience are what counts.

A CISSP or CISM certification is advantageous, while prospective cybersecurity engineers should have plied their trade in other similar positions before moving up the career ladder.

What is the salary?

Payscale reports that cybersecurity engineers can expect to earn at least $71,000 per year, with the median salary being just over $100,000 and the top earners making more than $140,000.

Meanwhile, believes that to be a conservative estimate. Its research found that the median salary is $130,000, with the salary range reported to be between $109,000 and $170,000.

Accelerate your cybersecurity career

For those looking to advance their cybersecurity careers, the possibilities can seem daunting. There are so many potential routes that you can go down depending on your skills and experience, and it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Although you probably won’t be able to jump straight into one of the job roles that we’ve listed here, there are clearly defined career paths that can get you earning competitive salaries in a short period of time.

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