Top 5 benefits of ISO 27001 online training

Benefits of ISO 27001 online trainingWith the increasing adoption of ISO 27001 – the information security management standard – by businesses in the US, there is a growing demand for professionals with relevant skills and qualifications.

This demand is leading to fantastic career prospects and lucrative salaries for ISO 27001 professionals, averaging $75,000 per annum.

Our ISO 27001 Live Online training will equip you with the knowledge and skills to plan, implement, maintain, and audit a best-practice information security management system (ISMS) from the comfort of your office or home, making you highly sought-after in the world of information security.

Being taught in a Live Online environment has many benefits:

1. Learn from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

You could be on holiday in Barbados, at work in your office, or at home with Game of Thrones on in the background as you learn how to implement, lead, or audit an ISMS aligned with ISO 27001.

2. Save yourself travel time or periods away from work.

Classroom training often requires you to travel long distances and stay overnight. This puts pressure on your current work projects, which can often hinder approval from your line manager. Live Online training cuts out the need for you to be away from the office for long periods of time – it’s up to you where you take the course.

3. No travel or accommodation costs.

$0. Nil. Zilch. Nothing. However you say it, there are no supplementary costs with Live Online training, meaning no travel, accommodation, food, or drink expenses for you or your line manager to worry about.

4. Interactive instruction delivered by an expert trainer.

Our ISO 27001 Live Online training courses are all delivered by ISO 27001 experts, including Alan Calder and Steve Watkins, who were the first people in the world to implement an ISMS aligned with the Standard. With plenty of practical experience and sound knowledge of the Standard, there are no two better people to show you the ropes.

5. Internationally recognized qualifications

All of our Live Online training courses include the exam, which, if successfully passed, will lead to an IBITGQ certification – internationally recognized and highly-regarded.

With the rising demand for qualified ISO 27001 professionals in the US, there has never been a better time to acquire an ISO 27001 qualification:

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