The Zika virus and its explosive pandemic potential

VirusThe Zika virus, spread by mosquitos, is thought to have “explosive pandemic potential”.

As reported by the BBC, US scientists have ‘urged the World Health Organisation to take urgent action over the Zika virus, which they say has “explosive pandemic potential.’

Thousands of people have been infected across South America, and it has spread to some 20 countries, causing flu-like symptoms, and has been linked to birth defects.

There is currently no cure for the virus and, although the hunt is on for a vaccine, the impending 2016 Olympics – which will be held in Rio – are causing some nervousness.

Pandemics are now spread faster than ever

The increase in international travel means that pandemics now spread faster than ever before. Seasonal flu pandemics, zoonotic contagions such as Ebola, swine flu, and avian flu (e.g. H5N1 and H7N9), and respiratory syndromes such as SARS and MERS have affected millions worldwide.

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Business Continuity and the Pandemic Threat

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