Sony cyber attack shakes up Hollywood

HollywoodThe recent cyber attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment that paralysed the company’s computer systems and leaked files online has had serious knock-on effects in Hollywood:

  1. Five films –FuryAnnie TurnerStill Alice, and To Write Love on Her Arms – were leaked online and made available to illegally download.
  2. An early version of the script for the upcoming James Bond flick, SPECTRE, was among material stolen and made public.
  3. Racist emails from the co-chairman of the studio and chief of its division, Amy Pascal, were made public, which has put her job in serious jeopardy.
  4. Angelina Jolie apparently ‘snubbed’ the Sony co-chairperson after a leaked email between Scott Rudin and Amy Pascal labelled her a “minimally talented spoiled brat.”
  5. Princess Beatrice’s salary was also leaked online – a mere $30,300 in case you wanted to know.
  6. Delays have been put on future film releases, including The Throwaways.

According to Variety, at least three of Sony’s rivals said they were assessing and upgrading their own systems and protocols in the wake of the breach. The financial damage and the strain that the leaks have put on Sony’s operations, employees, and the film industry in general should represent a ‘wake-up call’ to other businesses.

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