Smart organizations use risk assessment software

Companies starting out with an information security program often resort to spreadsheets when tackling risk assessments. However, there are a number of reasons spreadsheets aren’t the best way to go:

  • They’re prone to user input errors
  • Setting them up and maintaining them for a risk assessment is difficult and time-consuming
  • Finding relevant data in multiple tabs is inconvenient
  • Sharing documents and methodologies between departments causes errors
  • They don’t generate automated reports for ISO 27001 compliance
  • They don’t include built-in databases of threats, vulnerabilities, and risks
  • They don’t automatically conform to ISO 27001 – you need expert knowledge to apply the requirements

That’s why smart organizations switch to a software solution where most of the work is already done for them.

vsRisk™ presents a simpler and faster way to conduct cybersecurity risk assessments. It ensures compliance with the information security standard ISO 27001, helping users identify all the relevant threats and vulnerabilities, and giving them greater visibility of the potential information security risks they face.

vsRisk features a sample risk assessment, so the user can get started quickly by customizing and applying the example. The sample provides a populated list of assets assigned to a standard set of asset owners for a typical organization. Each asset also features a series of potential risks, as well as the corresponding controls from ISO 27001.

The latest version of vsRisk also includes the following features:

  • Users can create a number of custom acceptance criteria for particular likelihood/impact combinations. Each of the criteria can be assigned a title, range, color, and description.
  • The new risk assessment wizard guides users through eight simple steps to complete a risk assessment for a single asset. It also includes a help overlay button, which provides explicit instructions for each step of the process.
  • Control set synchronization allows users to automatically keep control sets up to date and get access to new control sets as they’re released, ensuring that risk assessments stay robust and reliable.
  • Users can export the asset database in order to populate an asset management system/register.

Request a free demonstration of vsRisk to discover how it can save you time and money. The demonstration will be provided by Vigilant Software, the developer of vsRisk.

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