Senate Republicans hit by online skimming

Anyone who purchased merchandise from the Senate Republicans e-commerce store in the last six months are likely to have been victim of credit card theft due to an online skimming attack targeting the website, security specialist Willem de Groot has revealed.

“I do not know how many credit cards were stolen from the Republican store but I can make an educated guess. According to Traffic Estimates, the Republican store has received some 350k visits per month lately. A conservative conversion ratio of 1% yields 3500 stolen credit cards per month, or 21k stolen credit cards since March”, said Mr de Groot.

Online skimming – 6,000 e-commerce sites hit since November 2015

As mentioned in this blog, online skimming is a new way to steal credit card details from e-commerce websites. Unpatched vulnerabilities are exploited by cyber criminals to install malicious code that exfiltrates credit card numbers to an off-shore server.

According to the security specialist, around 6,000 online stores worldwide have been targeted since the online skimming procedure was discovered ten months ago.

Protect web stores from online skimming

A penetration test is the easiest and most cost effective way to assess whether your websites and web applications have vulnerabilities that need to be patched before cyber criminals exploit them. Here are five reasons penetration tests are crucial:

  1. Identify and eradicate vulnerabilities
  2. Reduce risks by anticipating and assessing emerging threats
  3. Increase defences with effective controls
  4. Demonstrate due diligence
  5. Evaluate and improve systems

Identify, fix and prevent future vulnerabilities now

Regular penetration testing ensures that companies stay on top of the latest threats and provides immediate advice on remedial action to deal with newfound vulnerabilities. IT Governance, a CREST-accredited company, meets rigorous business and technical requirements mandated by CREST to make sure that its Web Application Penetration Test meets the highest industry standards.

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